Labiaplasty Recovery: What you Want to Know

  Labiaplasty is a quickly-growing type of cosmetic surgery that enables a woman to feel more comfortable in her skin. There are numerous reasons that women are considering changing the shape, size, symmetry, or other characteristics of external genitalia, and not all of them are related to physical sensation. Sometimes, the appearance of the labia […]

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Reno NV

Help for your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed procedures and has been for years. The advent of the internet age has made it easier for patients to learn about the various aspects of this body-enhancing surgery, and yet it has also put them in the position of feeling confused. We often field questions from […]

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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction has its Perks!

Breast procedures tend to outnumber all others. Most often, we think of breast procedures that enlarge size. However, an enhancement may, in some cases, involve reduction. According to statistics, breast reduction is one of the most highly-rated procedures regarding patient satisfaction. If you have been toying with the idea of reducing the size of your […]

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Liposuction and Swelling: Let’s Talk

Many of the men and women who visit our Reno cosmetic surgery practice want to see what is possible with liposuction. This procedure has been a mainstay in cosmetic surgery for many years, and it has evolved to be gentler and more artistic throughout that time. Still, we know that there will be a bit […]

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cellulite treatment

It’s Crunch Time!

We’re inching closer and closer to summer, and that means that a large number of people are thinking about how they can get to their goal weight – and fast! Feeling great about how you look doesn’t have to mean having the perfect “stick-figure.” Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. What is important is […]

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Cosmetic Surgery a Growing Trend for Men

Botox for Men Historically speaking, most cosmetic surgery procedures (and even those injectables) have been sought by women. Since the late 90s, however, surgeons have seen a steady increase in the number of men visiting their offices. The rise in popularity has surpassed 300 percent in the past two decades, and it continues to grow […]

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What a Facelift can Achieve

In our society, we are all about achievement. It feels good to get things done! This applies to just about everything – getting that corner office, reaching a goal weight, purchasing a nice home, and looking good as we get older. It may seem as though many of the men and women you see are […]

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery: It’s Timeless, not Trendy

Trends. They drive just about everything; from the clothing, we wear from season to season to the cars we drive. You may not realize it, but trends are also a driving force behind the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that men and women seek. An example of a trendy cosmetic procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift. […]

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