3 Reasons to Get a Nose Job

Rhinoplasty Reno NV A nose job (also known as “rhinoplasty”) can really change the look of your whole face – but did you know there are other reasons to consider having a nose job as well? Read on for reasons (beyond cosmetic) why this is such a popular procedure!

Great reasons for a nose job

There is more than one reason why someone may consider a nose job:

1. It is a quick way to dramatically change your looks. The size and shape of the nose affects the entire aesthetics of your appearance – you may not even realize how much changing your nose can change your face.

2. It can stop your snoring. Of course, there are different reasons why you might snore – allergies, asthma, and obesity are just three common causes of snoring. A nose job wouldn’t help to prevent snoring in these cases, but it can help if you snore because of a septum that is crooked or if you have cartilage that interferes with how you breathe.

3. It can help you sleep better. Do you feel tired all day every day, even when it seems like you got plenty of sleep the night before? This may be a sign of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea – a serious condition where the patient stops breathing momentarily and then starts up again, several times a night. There are different treatments for sleep disorders, but rhinoplasty may be able to help, by clearing up blocked nasal passages.

Whatever the reason you are considering a nose job, you should know that the procedure itself has many benefits. It is an outpatient operation that typically takes no more than 2 hours. It can be performed with general anesthesia. Most patients can go back to their normal activities in about a week, although more strenuous activities should wait for about 2 weeks.

Rhinoplasty can give you a whole new look, but it can help you to have better health and better quality of life, too! Whatever your reasons for considering a nose job, Phillip Dahan, MD, FACS, and his staff can help you achieve your plastic surgery goals. Call the Reno, NV, office at 775-826-4477 today!

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