3 Ways your Appearance is Enhanced with a Brow Lift

brow lift One of the most prominent concerns expressed by men and women today is the appearance of a sagging, heavy brow. Sometimes only one brow falls below the orbital rim, and sometimes it is both. Regardless, this issue cannot be hidden, which means you look either unbalanced or unfriendly, neither of which is good for your social and professional success.

There is a solution to drooping brows that has gotten a lot of attention. Botox is, in fact, a wonderful method of facial rejuvenation, especially for the brow and forehead areas. The issue with this approach is that Botox works by minimizing muscle contractions. Its effects are only temporary. Over time, it is also possible for a person to respond less and less to the drug. If you want more permanent results, consider what a surgical  can do for you.

  1. Reduce frown lines. The lines that form between the brows look like an “11.” More importantly, they look like an expression of concern or anger. These lines can deepen over time and, although they are partially the result of years of muscle contractions, they can be erased with brow lift surgery.
  2. Smooth forehead creases and lines. A brow lift isn’t just about the thin strips of hair that are positioned above your eyes. This procedure can also gently lift the tissues across the forehead, leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin.
  3. Improve your facial expression. What your face looks like at rest is how you will be perceived, because none of us can plaster on a perpetually lifted brow. When the brows are repositioned ever-so-slightly on the forehead, you look more positive and friendly. This can have a positive effect on your social and professional interactions simply because you are seen as the friendly person you are.

There are a number of ways in which a brow lift can be performed. The technique that is right for you depends on the tissues involved and the severity of the problem. Many patients also consider eyelid surgery to maximize the final outcome of their investment into facial rejuvenation.

Learn more about your options for a sagging brow. At Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you can discuss both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Call (775) 826-4477.

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