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5 Things you Need to Know about ThermiTight

ThermiTight reno | plastic surgery nv There’s nothing like sagging, drooping skin to let you know you are getting older. If you could do without this pesky reminder, then you are likely exploring the treatment options that are available today. It used to be that, to tighten up loose skin, you had to visit your cosmetic plastic surgeon to discuss surgery. Not anymore.

While Dr. Dahan is recognized as one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Reno, our patients also benefit from our use of the latest minimally invasive technologies like ThermiTight. Here are a few aspects of treatment that you will want to know to determine if it may be right for you.

What should I expect with ThermiTight?

  • Most people in good health can have ThermiTight. The procedure does involve a tiny incision because it’s power comes from the insertion of a small probe beneath the skin. For this reason, patients who take blood thinners may want to speak with their physician prior to treatment. The primary risk in this scenario is bruising due to the incision.
  • Typically, only one treatment is necessary. The effects of controlled thermal energy occur gradually, becoming noticeable after 6 to 8 weeks, and continuing to improve for up to 8 months. If more tightening is desired, subsequent treatment can be arranged.
  • ThermiTight isn’t just a thermal face lift. Patients can have this procedure done just about anywhere on the body, including the breasts, arms, and thighs. In a similar procedure, ThermiVa, we can even tighten up loose vaginal skin.
  • Treatment takes only about an hour. There are circumstances in which this may be extended to about 2 hours. It all depends on the size of the area we are treating.
  • Recovery is easy-peasy. Within a day, you will likely be back to your normal routine. We tell patients not to be alarmed by redness and swelling after their treatment. This can last a few weeks as the body responds to the changes beneath the skin. It is possible to experience nerve injury from treatment. However, this is not only rare, but, if it does occur, it is mild and temporary.

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