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Addressing a Myth about Fat Reduction

copy of copy of istock 981542846 Fat. It’s something the body both needs and something we tend to abhor. We don’t want any more fat on the body than we absolutely need for optimal health. Therefore, we generally hear quite a bit about fat, where it tends to accumulate, how it accumulates, and how we can get rid of it using a simple equation. Fat reduction using diet and exercise is the mainstream conversation. Those who do not lose weight with diet and exercise alone, then, are left sitting on the sidelines, often feeling frustrated or shamed that they couldn’t achieve that one thing they’ve wanted as easily as they were told they could. Here, we want to discuss the equation of fat loss, why it may be a myth, and what you can do to get the body of your dreams. 

Weight Loss: Is it Really That Easy?

If you read about fat loss online or listen to just about any social influencer, you may quickly discover that the equation for a healthy weight is as simple as “calories in, calories out.” As long as you burn more calories than you consume, you will reach your goal. It sounds simple but it isn’t. There are multiple factors involved in our physical shape. Weight is influenced by our genetics, our lifestyle, yes, and also our hormones, sleep, stress, and multiple other factors. Here’s one factor that busts “calories in, calories out” as a myth.

The body is constantly striving for homeostasis. When we switch up our diet and exercise the body will eventually realize what it needs to do to achieve this state. However, at first, and for an unpredictable period of time, the body may slow down its metabolism. Research also indicates that, when we cut calories, the body makes less of the hormone leptin. This is involved in telling the brain when we are full. Furthermore, the body makes more ghrelin, which we could simply call the hunger hormone. So, when we’re attempting to lose weight by cutting calories and increasing exercise, the body works against us to some degree. 

Getting the Shape You Want

Often, it isn’t so much that a person wants to achieve a particular weight but that they want to achieve a particular look. We aren’t keen on jiggly thighs and a muffin top. We don’t tend to love those love handles. We want smooth transitions from one part of the body to the next. While diet and exercise are healthy habits for a lifetime of weight management, spot reduction may be appealing. Liposuction is one of the simplest, most convenient, and effective ways to achieve this. 

If you’re ready to see a body that you love, contact our Reno office. We’d love to consult with you about the value of liposuction. 

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