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Addressing the Unique Signs of Aging

We all realize that age changes our appearance in certain ways. We expect the lines and wrinkles, the sagging skin and development of age spots. These are all basic points of aging. What lies beneath, though, is a shrinking that we easily overlook. Signs of aging relate to literal shrinkage of muscle, fat pads, and skeletal structure. This information is beneficial for every plastic surgeon who desires to truly help their patients. Remember the old telltale signs of a facelift? Well, they have been all but eliminated thanks to research and diagnostic images that have revealed the organic nature of aging.

Not only do we now know that aging affects bone structure and everything above it but we also recognize the different ways in which men and women present the signs of aging. In men, we commonly see concerns such as deep creases on the forehead. The jawline of a man is also likely to change over time, with his chin appearing to shrink. In women, the signs of aging include delicate lines around the eyes and the lips. Both men and women may notice deepening creases around the nose and mouth. Deflation of the fat pads on the cheeks leads to hollowness or undereye bags.

In addition to showing unique signs of aging, men and women also often have differing needs in terms of correction. Men typically have thicker skin than women, which calls for more robust corrective processes. This doesn’t mean that a man will need surgery to rejuvenate different areas of his face and neck. In most cases, conservative techniques can achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results for just about every patient.

  • Double-chin fat is a common problem that ages the face. Our patients can reduce submental fullness in just a few CoolSculpting sessions.
  • Loose skin on the neck and face can be tightened using ThermiTight. This minimally-invasive radio frequency treatment stimulates collagen contraction and proliferation that continues to firm and tone the skin for months.
  • Shrinking chin? This can be corrected with a dense Juvéderm filler product. Additionally, dermal fillers can be introduced into the upper cheek to restore contours and diminish undereye bags or into the lips to smooth lines and restore volume.

Surgery is not always the answer to facial aging. We are proud to support the natural aging process with nonsurgical and conservative surgical procedures. Discover your ideal path to graceful aging. Call  (775) 826-4477 to schedule a consultation in our Reno office.

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