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One of the leading reasons that women give for wanting to enlarge breast size is that they would like to be able to fill out their clothing. Clearly, implants can make this possible. It is not surprising that many of the patients who visit our Reno cosmetic surgery practice for breast augmentation are imagining their first shopping spree even before their procedure date arrives. Because we understand the excitement of fitting into new clothing, we want to provide some tips on what to expect after breast augmentation as you make your way through the aisles of your favorite stores.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Patience is key. During the first month or so after breast augmentation, what you need most is support. This means that the bras you wear may not be the most attractive or sexy, but they will get the job done. While your incisions and breast tissue are still healing, fabric choices may be limited. Lace and underwires aren’t so great if they cause irritation!

Another aspect of treatment that requires patience is finding the new right bra for your shape. Initially, your breasts will sit higher on the chest wall. Implants and tissue settle over several weeks. Before purchasing a new bra, have a professional fitting. Victoria’s Secret stores usually offer free fittings. Before you head to the nearest store, though, give your implants due time to settle. This typically takes about three months (and up to 6).

Be prepared, but also open-minded. In addition to wearing supporting undergarments for the first month or two (it comes down to your comfort, really), clothing choices should also revolve around healing. Looser tops are more forgiving and are thus less intrusive on sore breast tissue. Prepare your wardrobe choices for comfort, and you can avoid frustration.

One of the biggest misconceptions about breast fullness has to do with cup size. After breast augmentation, and even before, there is no hard and fast rule for choosing cup size. If you have consulted with a cosmetic surgeon, you will have likely heard that breast enlargement involves measurements like cubic centimeters,  not cup sizes. The same idea should carry over into choosing a new bra. Be open minded about the band and cup measurements, as these may vary from one style to another.

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