Breast Lift Surgery Can Accomplish These Things

Breast Lift Surgery Reno NVAt some point in a woman’s life, she may have children. She may breastfeed. She may gain weight, then lose it. All of these experiences affect the body. We all know this. Most women are also very well aware that their breast shape will change as a simple matter of aging, whether or not she has had the common experiences of other women. The transformation of breasts from perky and high to saggy and low can be more than unwelcome; it can send a woman into a state of chronic frustration and even low self-confidence. Breast lift surgery can help turn things around for the better. Here, we want to point out how.

A Breast Lift Can . . .

Restore a suitable breast position.

In her youth, a woman may take for granted the high and perky position of her breasts. It isn’t until several years down the road that the impermanent nature of breast position becomes apparent. These changes may have to do with weight fluctuations, breastfeeding, and the natural degradation of connective tissue that supports the breasts. Part of a breast lift is tightening the superficial fascia and overlying skin, so breast tissue sits higher on the chest wall.

Improve the shape of the breasts.

The drop in breast position does more than altering the height and perkiness of breasts, it often also changes their shape. Breasts are no longer as round or voluptuous as they once were. They may even appear somewhat tubular. The tightening of tissue that supports the breasts is done in such a way that shape is beautifully enhanced.

Adjust nipple position.

The nipples and areolae are important structures that portray overall breast position. When tissue becomes slack over and around the breasts, the nipples may start to point downward rather than forward. Breast lift surgery can correct this directional pull to further amplify the natural curvature of the breasts.

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