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Chin Up, Darling. We can Help you with that Sagging Neck Skin!

chin implants reno | nonsurgical nv In the era of Real Housewives, aging has notably become something we choose to do rather than something we must suffer through. Thanks to injectables and a host of other treatments, we can virtually wipe away those frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet if we so choose. The fact is, to be a woman of a certain age means to have full control over your appearance. While we are seeing much more “picking and choosing” going on in terms of how the face is allowed to age, one area remains a consistent bane to the youthful form: the neck.

What’s Happening Down There?

We give so much focus to the face that the neck can be easily overlooked – until it can’t be. You know the day. That day when you look in the mirror and notice that the curve you thought you had is no longer evident. It has been replaced with a pool of fat and skin at the edges of your jawline, and possibly a hint of crepey sagging at where the curve used be a sharp right angle. Experts say that there are several reasons why the neck ages, seemingly overnight.

The skin on your neck is as delicate as can be. The only skin that may be more fragile is found on your eyelids. However, the neck probably hasn’t gotten the same TLC as the skin on your face, so the breakdown of vital structure has been fast and furious. The platysma muscle wraps the front of the neck in a tight rope-like matrix for the duration of childhood early adulthood. Sometime around the age of forty, this rope begins to unravel, forming more of a V-shape than a straight line. The loss of support is dramatic. A final problem in the neck area is the excess protrusion of fat cells, creating a double chin.

Caring for the Drop Zone

You could look at your chin and neck as a virtual drop zone, where nothing stays put for long. Fret not, and don’t start shopping for turtlenecks just yet. If your neck skin has become uncooperative, schedule a visit in our Reno plastic surgery office. We have surgical and non-surgical solutions to tighten and tone the neck area!

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