Cosmetic Surgery: It’s Timeless, not Trendy

Cosmetic Surgery in Reno Trends. They drive just about everything; from the clothing, we wear from season to season to the cars we drive. You may not realize it, but trends are also a driving force behind the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that men and women seek.

An example of a trendy cosmetic procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This body-contouring method has been made exceedingly famous by women such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj, who have all become recognizable by their, eh-hem, assets. For the girl with the rounded backside, this “Year of the Butt” may be a welcome surprise. For those on the flatter side, the attraction that is garnered by a bigger booty may bring about a desire to change their body.

Before you decide on a body-altering procedure of any kind, there are points to consider. Just like it’s possible to be a slave to fashion, it is also possible to be excessively influenced by beauty trends. When it comes to changing your body to match an “ideal,” this could be dangerous.

Personalized Surgery Plan

True beauty is timeless. We’ve all heard this, but it doesn’t always appease the sense that you would like to improve something about your appearance. And it need not! What is beneficial to keep in mind is how your body is designed. Based on your skeletal structure, there are aspects of your body that you can change, and some that you cannot. For instance, there isn’t much you can do to broaden a narrow chest or vise versa. What you can do is work with what Mother Nature gave you to create proportions that fit your frame.

Cosmetic Trends

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, think about your draw toward today’s trends. This is not to say you should not enhance your derrière if you would like a little more volume. However, know that the Year of the Butt will come to an end. History proves this. Think back to the corsets that women wore in the early 1900s, then the flapper fashion that all-but hid the female form. From the 20’s flapper to the pinup girl of the 1950’s, we see an enormous shift in our appreciation of curves. Then, by the end of the 1960s, most women wanted to look like Twiggy, whose figure fit the moniker.

The point is . . .

We’re a plastic surgery office! Are we telling you that you shouldn’t want to get plastic surgery? Of course not. What we are saying is that, if and when you do enhance your body, do so based on your preferences, not on societal trends. Those will change, but your sense of beauty will not.

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