woman applying sunscreen and holding holding blank sunscreen UV protective lotion

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

woman applying sunscreen and holding holding blank sunscreen UV protective lotion Maybe you are thinking about making some changes to your skincare routine – maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a facial, or maybe you have decided you need to start a new skincare regimen. One thing that is often overlooked that can keep your skin beautiful is the simple act of wearing sunscreen. Read on for some sunscreen facts and tips!

Why Wear Sunscreen?

If you have ever gotten a nasty sunburn, you know what the sun can do. But it doesn’t take a really bad sunburn to cause damage – the sun can cause wrinkles, blemishes, and, of course, skin cancer. You should not only make sure to use sunscreen every time you go outside (even when it is cloudy and even in the winter), but you should make sure you are using it right:

  • Buy broad spectrum. The sun emits two kinds of rays: ultraviolet (UV) A, which get deep into the skin, and UVB, which affect the outer layer of skin. A broad spectrum sunscreen will protect skin from both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Buy the right strength. If you have fair skin, you need as much protection as possible. You should get a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 50 or more. If your skin doesn’t easily tan or burn, an SPF of 30 should be all right.
  • Apply it generously. You should put sunscreen on about half an hour before you go outside so that the skin can absorb it fully and it can start working. Make sure to get it anywhere that will be exposed to the sun – don’t forget your neck, the tops of your ears, and even your eyelids! Reapply it often if you stay outside for a long time.

You may feel like applying sunscreen before you leave the house is just one more thing to do during an already busy day. But it really doesn’t take long, and there are so many beauty and health benefits! If you are concerned that your skin doesn’t look as good as it could, Phillip Dahan, MD, FACS, can help. Call the office in Reno, NV, at 775-826-4477 for an appointment today!

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