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Dump those Dimples with Cellfina!

cellfina reno | cellulite nv Dimples on your face cheeks can be cute. Dimples on your other cheeks, not so much. Cellulite is a prevalent problem that sends women into hiding – literally! You may relate. Perhaps you have taken a liking to more full coverage bathing suits or panties. Maybe you opt for skirts and pants more often than shorts; all because of the look of your thighs and buttocks. Fear not, dear friend. There is hope for a smoother tomorrow! At Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, women from the Reno area can find freedom from cellulite with Cellfina.

The Cellfina system has achieved what no other product or treatment has been able to. Namely, FDA clearance to correct a problem that has historically been nearly impossible to treat. In fact, as you probably know, Cellfina can also do what diet and exercise often cannot! This is because cellulite is not necessarily a “fat” problem; it is a tissue problem.

What causes cellulite

In between the uppermost layer of skin and the muscle that lies beneath are fibrous cords of connective tissue. In women, the pattern of these cords runs differently than in men. This is why women struggle more with the appearance of “cottage cheese” on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and other area. Additional factors that can make cellulite a difficult problem to address include genetics and hormones.

Paving a New Path

Until Cellfina, there really haven’t been many ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite as much as most women would like. Yes, liposuction can minimize fat, and thus make the skin appear slightly smoother. Topical lotions with caffeine have also been said to alleviate dimpling somewhat. However, no other method has come close to the level of success achieved by Cellfina.

The combination of sophisticated technology and the simple method of subcision is what makes this system special. It gets right to the heart of the matter, releasing the tether of fibrous bands from the skin to allow its surface to become smooth, dimple-free. Many patients treated with Cellfina see a difference within just a few days of this one-time procedure.

Are you ready to be released from cellulite? Call our Reno office at (775) 826-4477 to learn more about Cellfina.

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