Exercise vs. Tummy Tuck: Why There’s No Comparison

A woman’s body is likely to change over and over again throughout her lifetime. Multiple factors may influence this. A woman may gain or lose weight when she takes birth control pills. She will change shape significantly (and beautifully) during pregnancy and while she’s nursing. Lifestyle habits, stress, and hormones are additional factors involved in the physical changes a woman goes through. All the while, the average woman is told that, if she eats well and exercises enough (whatever that means!), she should get the shape she wants.

If you’ve experienced any of the changes we’ve mentioned, and you’ve attempted to correct them with diet and exercise, we commend you. We also feel for you. Chances are, you are feeling frustrated at the lack of significant results from your efforts. However, there is a good reason for your body’s lack of responsiveness. It all comes down to the abdominal wall.

When a woman gains weight; when she is pregnant; when she ages, her abdominal wall changes. In the midsection are muscles that stretch and loosen. Sometimes, this loosening prevents complete retraction. Sometimes, the loosening is so severe that the midline muscles separate (diastasis recti). You could view these muscles as an internal corset. Like a bra holds the breasts, the rectus abdominis muscles hold the fatty tissue of the belly. When a bra is unhooked, the breasts somewhat “spill out.” Likewise, when the abdominal muscles loosen, overlying fat will spill over.

This is Where Abdominoplasty Comes In

It is usually possible to tighten muscles with exercise, yes. However, there may be limitations regarding how much tightening can be achieved. When the stomach protrudes regardless of a healthy lifestyle, a tummy tuck may be the only way to correct the problem. Abdominoplasty is a customized procedure that may focus only on the lower abdomen or may expand to tighten areas both above and below the belly button. A thorough consultation and examination are conducted to draw the best conclusion for each patient.

A tummy tuck does mean that a few weeks of downtime and rest will be needed. After surgery and the short recovery, though, the abdomen is restored to a beautifully flat state. Learn more about tummy tuck surgery. Call  (775) 826-4477 to schedule a consultation in our Reno office.

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