What a Facelift can Achieve

Facelift In our society, we are all about achievement. It feels good to get things done! This applies to just about everything – getting that corner office, reaching a goal weight, purchasing a nice home, and looking good as we get older. It may seem as though many of the men and women you see are breezing right through the decades from age 40 and beyond. Chances are, quite a few of them are getting some help. Here, we want to touch on what can be achieved with facelift surgery versus non-surgical treatments.

Facelift surgery has been the most strategic way to address the concerns that occur with facial aging for many years. Through the meticulous process, this procedure attends to specific regions of the face. These include:

The Jowls

The correction of sagging jowls along the jaw line is one of the most notable benefits of facelift surgery as opposed to skin tightening treatments such as ultrasound or radiofrequency.

Over time, the loss of elasticity in the skin allows gravity to pull tissue downward, and for volume to accumulate in the lower area of the face. To correct this issue, the facelift releases the mandibular retaining ligament to adjust the suspension of soft tissues along the jaw line, achieving a smoother, younger appearance.

Nasolabial folds

Sometimes, the smile lines are regarded for adding character to the face. As the nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth grow deeper, their appearance may not feel very characteristic of the youthfulness you feel on the inside. The adjusted draping of skin and tissue that is achieved during the facelift procedure can soften these lines. Further improvement can be attained with fat grafting if lines are noticeably deep.

The Submental Region

The area just beneath the chin can become particularly problematic as elasticity progressively diminishes. The loosening of connective tissues often allows fat to accumulate here, as well. Recently, the FDA approved the injectable solution Kybella to reduce submental fullness. However, this non-surgical treatment does nothing to tighten up loose skin. In addition to removing fat, facelift surgery can add greater definition along the chin and the angle just beneath.

The Cheeks

Loss of volume across the mid-face region can alter the angles of the face significantly over time. As the muscles just beneath the surface of the skin are adjusted in the facelift procedure, the appearance of volume may be restored to some degree. Depending on the desired outcome, fat grafting may also be performed to maximize the fullness of the cheeks.

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