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How Facelift Surgery Prolongs Natural Beauty

Facelift surgery Facelift Reno NV | Plastic Surgeon has existed for many years. Throughout the history of cosmetic surgery, there has been ample opportunity for various procedures, the facelift being one of them, to develop somewhat of a bad reputation. Facelifts are common, so common that it is possible for inexperienced or even unethical surgeons to perform less-than stellar work.

We’ve all been privy to a few very public, very bad facelift cases. We won’t name names. What we will say is that such instances should not hold you back from learning more about how an experienced, reputable cosmetic surgeon can help you restore youthfulness to your face. Here, we want to discuss how natural beauty is preserved during the facelift procedure.

Patients who visit our Reno plastic surgery office for facelift information will learn that there are three key points to achieving the desired outcome, and to avoiding the sadly strange, overly-pulled appearance that has marred the faces of too many celebrities.

Key Points to Achieving the Desired Outcome

  • Removing the precise amount of skin to reduce wrinkles. It seems that there was a time during which surgeons believed that the way to a younger face was to lift and remove an excessive amount of skin. Over time, it was discovered that loose skin was only part of the problem. Without addressing the issue of volume, skin tightening could backfire. Now, a slighter degree of skin removal occurs during a facelift, leaving room for . . .
  • Volume replacement. A youthful face has volume. It has fat across the mid face, beneath the eyes, and at the temples. Skin removal without volume replacement simply makes a person appear gaunt. And gaunt looks older. Talk about counterproductive! Today, facelift surgery often involves the introduction of fat cells or soft tissue fillers into the cheeks and other crucial areas as needed to fill them out for a younger vibe.
  • Every person is different. Some patients don’t need a full facelift; eyelid rejuvenation or a brow lift may be sufficient for rejuvenation. Some patients need a full facelift, as well as a neck lift. Our consultation and examination visit cover all the bases. Why restore smooth, supple facial skin but leave the neck sagging and thin? Balance in care is what achieves the most appealing outcome.

Learn more about facial rejuvenation with or without facelift surgery. Call our Reno office at (775) 826-4477.

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