It’s Holiday Season . . . Let’s Talk about Fat!

Fat Reduction | Body Procedures Reno NVIt is commonly believed that the time of year during which a lot of focus is placed on body image is right before summer. Sure. We get that. Who doesn’t want to look their best wearing a bathing suit? But we mustn’t forget the value of a slender figure over the holiday season. You know, the one that is right around the corner; the one in which you might like to take out the little black dress more than a few times.

At Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men and women in the Reno area will find the various treatments they may need to push them over the hump toward their best body. Liposuction, cellulite treatment, and even skin tightening are all popular ways to refine the body. We are proud to provide these services, and we also want to go above and beyond. Whether you have already had a body contouring procedure or you are considering one before the holiday season gets into full-swing, you need to know a few ways to keep fat from creeping onto your body.

Do . . .

  • Eat fat! There is scientific evidence that points out the value of high-quality, good fat for existing fat cells. No, not to feed them, to help the body metabolize them. To maintain the lower body weight that is right for your frame, eat avocados; eat flaxseed and wild-caught salmon. Eat coconut oil. These healthy fats are good for your waistline.
  • Drink lots of water. You may have heard this tip numerous times, but not quite developed that habit of sipping all day long. The thing is, we all need water to support healthy liver function. The liver supports insulin usage in the body, and it also aids in detoxification, two vital processes that are integral to weight management.
  • Build those muscles. You don’t want to be a body-builder? That’s ok! See what happens to your muscles when you take a few yoga classes each week. Muscle mass offsets BMI, and a lower Body Mass Index is what you want. Your little black dress will thank you.

Don’t . . .

  • Get too cozy with that glass of wine. Alcohol is not a strict no-no, as long as you can keep yourself in check. Women should consume just one, 5-ounce glass a day. More than that and the waistline, in particular, will suffer.
  • Think you can crunch your way to a flat stomach. Belly fat is tricky. It is not something you can eliminate with hundreds of crunches a day. You need that magical combo of diet and exercise (cardio and muscle-building) to get optimal results. In fact, too many crunches can hurt your back and shoulders if you’re not careful!
  • Go without. Breakfast that is. A healthy breakfast starts your day with a burning metabolism. Recent studies suggest that a bigger breakfast of about 700 calories is optimal, with a lighter lunch and even lighter dinner.

Diet and exercise are necessary both before and after cosmetic body-contouring. To learn more about our cosmetic treatments, contact us online or call (775) 826-4477.

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