Hormones and Emotional Health

Hormone Testing, Reno, NVMood swings, irritability, memory impairment, and loss of concentration are symptoms that often coincide with perimenopause. Interestingly, these symptoms are also commonly associated with various mental illnesses. Recent research has suggested that hormones may be at the heart of a person’s emotions, thoughts, and general mood at any age. This is a significant finding because it helps us gain more control over our sense of well-being regardless of our stage of life.

The scientific evidence that suggests a connection between hormones and emotional health continues to increase. Research has indicated that women are more susceptible than men to certain symptoms simply as a result of hormone changes at different times of the month. However, new studies are also pointing to hormones as a factor in how both men and women react to stress.

Each Hormone has a Specific Effect on the Brain and Body

We all have a number of hormones that serve our physiological needs. Disruption in the balance between any hormones can tip the scales of our emotional wellness. Cognitive and emotional function may be affected by:

  • We largely view testosterone as the “male” sex hormone. This chemical is also necessary for the female body to support mental acumen. When testosterone levels decline, thinking may begin to feel foggy.
  • This perceived “female” hormone exists in men, as well, and facilitates communication in the nerve cells of the brain. As estrogen declines, cognitive function may diminish along with memory.
  • A crucial hormone for men and women, progesterone has a calming effect on the brain in times of stress and is also involved in physical healing.

Losing and Restoring Hormone Balance

Hormone imbalance affects people of all ages, not only those who are considered as perimenopausal or andropausal. In some cases, such as postpartum disruption, hormones will balance out spontaneously with good lifestyle habits. However, people with an underlying thyroid problem or health issue may benefit from medical treatment using bioidentical hormone replacement.

Millions of people have been helped by appropriately customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The term “bioidentical” means that the chemical structure of the lab-made hormones (made from plant-based substances) matches the structure of natural hormones in the body. Before prescribing therapy, bloodwork is performed to identify the exact area of lack and degree of restoration that is needed for optimal physical, sexual, and emotional wellness.

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