How To Sleep Comfortably After Breast Surgery

After breast augmentation or a mommy makeover, what you need is rest. This can be hard to come by simply because we tend to feel “lazy” when we take time to attend to the physical and emotional need for rest. To make matters even more challenging, the swelling and tightness that occurs after breast procedures can be uncomfortable enough to prevent quality sleep. Here, we share a few of the best tips we know to sleep as well as you can after breast augmentation or a mommy makeover.

Start in a Recliner

Whether you’ve had breast augmentation or a mommy makeover, you’ll need to sleep with your upper body elevated. This helps minimize fluid buildup and swelling around the surgical site, a side effect that could occur during the first two weeks of recovery. In addition to helping with swelling, sleeping reclined also makes it easier to move into a standing position. When you’re lying down flat, your upper body muscles have to work harder to get to standing. If you do not have a recliner, add several pillows to your bed to accommodate a reclining position.

Transition to Sleeping on Your Back

There are several benefits to sleeping on your back, including a decreased chance of premature facial wrinkling. After a mommy makeover or breast augmentation, surgeons recommend sleeping on the back because it prevents too much pressure on the abdomen and chest. Pressure can increase discomfort; who wants that?

If you are a stomach or side sleeper naturally, we recommend that you begin training yourself to sleep on your back before you undergo surgery. This will make it easier to sleep in this position when it becomes necessary. To prevent rolling over, some people place a pillow under each of their arms as they get comfortable in bed.

Keep Supportive Garments on When You Sleep

Compression garments are applied after breast procedures because they help reduce swelling. The gentle pressure of a supportive garment like a surgical bra also eases tension on incisions and keeps breast tissue from the unnecessary disruption that could cause soreness.

Promote Quality Sleep

A change in sleeping habits can be difficult as it is. To make this easier, we encourage patients to avoid habits that can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. Common sleep-inhibitors include alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and screen time. Some say that eating within a few hours of going to bed can cause restless sleep. If you crave a nighttime treat, consider lavender herbal tea or a small glass of warm milk.

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