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Is ThermiTight the Right Non-surgical Skin Tightening Treatment for You?

Copy of laughing sexy girl in black bikini posing on grey background picture id658654810 Our skin, fat, and muscle are all involved in sustaining a youthful face shape. These layers of tissue are also all affected by multiple factors, from aging to sun exposure and stress. At some point, the fat distribution and skin tightness changes and, along with that, the face can start to look droopy, flat, and wide at the bottom. Surgical procedures offer one solution for these changes, but if you’re not ready for surgery, you’re also not out of luck. Multiple skin-tightening treatments have been developed in recent years. We are proud to offer ThermiTight in our Reno office as a proven remedy for lax, sagging skin. 

How ThermiTight Works

ThermiTight is a comprehensive radiofrequency treatment that can tighten the skin, destroy unwanted fat, and even help reduce cellulite. As you can see, it isn’t just a glorified facial treatment. It also isn’t your average radiofrequency treatment. ThermiTight achieves more profound improvements in tissue tightness by delivering energy to the subsurface of the skin. It does so via a needle-thin electrode. This instrument gently heats the dermis, causing a remarkable increase in collagen production in the target area. 

ThermiTight Treatment Areas

Many parts of the body are susceptible to the aging process. ThermiTight is designed to treat them all.

  • Face – Patients can visit us on their lunch hour to address those frustrating frown lines, worry lines, laugh lines, and sagging jowls. ThermiTight is a gentle facial treatment with no downtime. 
  • Neck – Many people make the mistake of treating their facial aging but not the aging on their necks. Don’t be one of them. The upper neck is susceptible to pockets of fat just beneath the jawline and chin. The extra fatty tissue can diminish facial contours. The skin on the neck can also become excessively thin with age and sun damage, making it look loose and crepe-like. ThermiTight can stimulate the collagen production needed to maintain skin thickness and firmness. 
  • Body – When treating the body, providers often combine ThermiTight with liposuction. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, breasts, and upper arms.

You don’t have to want plastic surgery to benefit from a consultation in our  Reno office. To learn more about ThermiTight, contact us at (775) 826-4477.

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