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Labiaplasty is a quickly-growing type of cosmetic surgery that enables a woman to feel more comfortable in her skin. There are numerous reasons that women are considering changing the shape, size, symmetry, or other characteristics of external genitalia, and not all of them are related to physical sensation. Sometimes, the appearance of the labia is the primary concern, making it difficult for a woman to feel comfortable in swimwear and other types of clothing. Whatever the reason for labiaplasty, our objective is to refine this area of the body and support patients through a stress-free recovery.

Steps to Healing

One of the benefits of labiaplasty is the relatively simple recovery process. There are a few specific aspects of recovery about which patients may have questions.

Pain Medication

Prescription pain medication is necessary for most patients to feel comfortable for the first day or two after labiaplasty. It is important to follow dosing guidelines, and also to transition to non-prescription medication gradually. This can be achieved by alternating doses of prescription pain relief and non-prescription medication such as extra-strength Tylenol. Soreness and tenderness may also be improved by applying cold compresses when possible.

Returning to Work

Knowing how long it may take to feel like your old self – or your new, better self – is important because you need to plan time off accordingly. Most women who undergo labiaplasty need only a few days to heal enough to return to work. If you schedule your surgery on a Thursday, for instance, you may be able to be back at work by Monday. That is if your job does not require strenuous activity.

Returning to “Other Activities”

Work is one thing, but what about your exercise routine? What about sex? These are activities that need to wait. About one month after labiaplasty, incisions should have healed enough for a woman to have sexual intercourse without pain. The same is true of exercise, though the type of physical activity matters. In both situations, women are encouraged to go slow. There is no rush to resume either of these activities. Exercise such as biking may best be left for the 6-week point after surgery.

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