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LATISSE® for Lovely Lashes

Brunette female red lipstick smiling on gray background Do you wish you had long, lush eyelashes? Eyelashes are tiny things but they sure can make a difference. They help to frame your beautiful eyes, so of course you want them to look their best. But what if your eyelashes aren’t as lush as you would like, or what if they seem to be falling out? LATISSE® can help!

Why am I losing lashes?

It is normal to lose at least a few eyelashes every day. There are some other reasons for eyelash loss, though: you may have a medical condition or be undergoing a medical treatment that can cause hair and eyelash loss; you may be allergic to your mascara; or you may be too rough when you take off your makeup or when you use your eyelash curler, ripping out eyelashes inadvertently.

What can I do to get better lashes?

Besides taking special care with your eye makeup, your diet might also make a difference. Try foods that are high in biotin, protein, iron, and vitamins A and C.

If a change in your diet doesn’t seem to be working, LATISSE may be able to give you the lashes you want. LATISSE is safe to use and is FDA approved – it was originally used to treat glaucoma. Although you need a prescription for LATISSE, it is easy to use at home: apply it to the upper lashes every night before bed.

You’ll start to see results in about 2 months, and you’ll see the full results in about 4 months. Once you start using LATISSE you should keep using it or your eyelashes will return to how they looked before. You should take out your contacts before using LATISSE, and you shouldn’t wear mascara and use LATISSE at the same time – it is all right to use LATISSE at night and then use mascara in the morning.

Adjusting your beauty habits and making sure you have a healthy diet can help you to have the beautiful lashes that you want, but if these tips don’t seem to be doing the trick, contact Phillip Dahan, MD, FACS, for a LATISSE consultation. Call the office in Reno, NV, at 775-826-4477 for an appointment today!

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