Your Liposuction Journey: a Few Do’s and Don’ts

liposuction reno | fat removal nv If you are plagued by stubborn fat on a certain part of your body, such as your thighs or your stomach, liposuction can be one of the best ways to say farewell for good. Millions of men and women have used this minimally invasive procedure to put the finishing touches on their physique, picking up what diet and exercise have left behind. If you are considering how liposuction can help you get the look you want, you will be interested in this short list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Liposuction Do’s:

  • Feel comfortable with your current body weight. Liposuction is an “icing on the top” kind of procedure. It will not help you achieve a weight goal; rather, it is intended to help you enjoy naturally beautiful contouring.
  • Research. There are different liposuction techniques and also different types of doctors who are performing this surgery. Even more so than knowing the various technologies that are used in liposuction today, it is important to research your choice of physician. Ask questions about the number of cases and view before and after images of the cases performed by your prospective surgeon.
  • Once you have chosen a physician who is qualified to perform your procedure, you then get to research the options available for technologies, types of sedation, and so on.
  • Do be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for post-operative recovery, and do call with questions that may arise.

Liposuction Don’ts:

  • Expect to be your new svelte self the day after your liposuction. In fact, be prepared to have your patience tested. It is normal to have some swelling after this procedure, regardless of technique. The final outcome may not appear for a few months.
  • Take over-the-counter supplements, including herbal remedies, without talking to your doctor. There are certain products that, even if all-natural, can inhibit healing.
  • Be frightened by the appearance of lumpiness or hardness in certain areas during your recovery. This is most often a temporary issue that stems from the minor trauma tissue goes through during surgery.

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