The Liquid Facelift: Is this Process Right for You?

Liquid Facelift | Facelift Reno NV In this day and age, there are easier ways to do just about everything. That includes the process of managing age. Today, we’ve got injectables and other sophisticated technologies around every corner. The development of precision techniques, such as the liquid facelift, may make it seem as though surgery is out of date. We want to be clear; our team offers injectable treatments, as well as laser and other modalities, to address age-related facial concerns. We also consult with patients for whom a surgical facelift may be more appropriate.

The bottom line is that there is no “right way” to restore a more youthful appearance. Here, we want to shed some light on the liquid facelift. Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion about whether or not this process is right for you.

What Is the Liquid Facelift?

This non-surgical process involves a series of injections. The most commonly used products include Botox, which relaxes muscle on the forehead and around the eyes to smooth the skin. Dermal fillers complement this relaxation by filling in lines and creases around the nose and mouth. Fillers are also introduced to the soft tissue beneath the eye, where the cheekbone may have lost its height. Using the appropriate product, it is possible to plump the cheek and decrease the appearance of under eye bags or dark circles, or both.

Here’s What You Need to Know

The results from a liquid facelift are not necessarily more natural-looking than a surgical facelift. There is a common misconception that a surgical facelift will look obvious and over-tight. Not so. An experienced cosmetic surgeon performs a thorough consultation and assessment of skin and superficial tissue to determine the value of each type of procedure. Ultimately, the precision re-draping of tissue across the bony structure of the face, followed by fat injections to restore volume, could look more natural than fillers. Every case is different. This is why it is important to obtain care from a reputable cosmetic surgery practice.

  • The liquid facelift is not necessarily more affordable than a surgical procedure. The initial cost of injectibles is quite a bit less than surgery, yes. However, it is also important to estimate the overall cost of maintenance over time. If the entire liquid facelift process is repeated every year or two, the costs can quickly add up.

When it comes to obtaining the results you want, it is important to look at the long-term gains of each treatment option when considering what is right for you. To learn more about facial rejuvenation treatments, schedule a visit to our Reno office or call (775) 826-4477.

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