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Peptides Skincare has changed significantly over time as we have learned more about what makes the skin look youthful. No longer do aging individuals rely on the pink cream they saw on their grandmothers’ bathroom sinks. Today, we are doing a lot more to offset the effects of aging. We’re much more savvy about how to avoid sun damage and also how to repair the skin with sophisticated ingredients. Here, we want to turn our focus on peptides, an ingredient many professionals are talking about these days.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are small bits of amino acids that are produced when vital skin proteins break down. They are messengers of sorts, signals to the body that more collagen and elastin are needed to achieve proper repair of the skin. Research has taught us that these two proteins are crucial to the skin’s resiliency and appearance. Without them, the skin becomes weak and loose. Tone and texture also degrade when there is not enough collagen and elastin available. Another thing we have learned from research his that, if we apply peptides topically, the body responds the same way it would if peptides were naturally produced; it sends more collagen, elastin, and other chemicals to repair tissue.

How Peptides Work

We mentioned that peptides are like cellular messengers. These amino acids don’t exist only in the skin but also in muscles and joints. Their presence tells the body a certain area needs repair in the form of regenerating proteins, typically collagen and elastin. When peptides are applied topically in the form of a medical-grade product, the body is told that insufficient collagen exists in the targeted tissue. Following the direction of peptides, the body sends healing proteins, which results in optimal tissue regeneration and the correction of multiple signs of aging.

Peptides for the Skin

There are numerous different types of peptides, all capable of specific functions. Messenger peptides ask for more collagen and elastin. Copper peptides are also beneficial, supporting existing collagen as well as new collagen fibers. Carrier peptides boost collagen with various minerals. Each of these substances works in the skin to prevent tissue breakdown while simultaneously rebuilding the foundation of youthful, healthy tissue.

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