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There May be More to Vaginal Rejuvenation Than You Think

ThermiVa Reno NV | Vaginal RejuvenationOver the past several years, it may seem as though interest in vaginal rejuvenation has increased. In truth, concerns related to vaginal atrophy have existed for decades; women just didn’t talk much about the way their body changed with age and childbirth. Perhaps some did, and it just took the medical field this long to finally “figure it out.” The good news is, we are now in a position to address the many frustrations of vaginal atrophy, and can sometimes do this without surgery.

We are proud to offer ThermiVa™ treatment in our Reno office. This non-surgical, light-based treatment is often praised for its comfort and convenience – and the results it gets regarding aesthetics and sexual satisfaction. There’s more. If you have begun to notice signs of vaginal atrophy, one of your most pressing concerns may go beyond vaginal dryness or asymmetrical labia; we’re talking about urinary incontinence.

Vaginal Laxity and the Bladder

Urinary incontinence may develop for several reasons. One of the most common changes that affect women’s ability to successfully manage bladder control is the loss of tightness in the vaginal canal; the same issue that tends to diminish sexual pleasure. The lining of the vagina is no different than the epidermis; it relies on strong collagen for firmness. As collagen declines, tissues loosen. Muscles lose their strength. When a woman sneezes or laughs or tries to run to catch a door, she may have the unpleasant experience of involuntarily leaking urine.

Historically, bladder control problems have been managed, but not treated. Women may watch what they eat so as not to stimulate or irritate the bladder. They may avoid certain activities. They may even, unfortunately, inadvertently dehydrate themselves. Relying on pantyliners or bladder control garments is not a solution. ThermiVa is.

ThermiVa™ for Urinary Incontinence

To resolve the stress urinary incontinence that may occur with age, women now have the option of obtaining vaginal-tightening treatment using the innovative ThermiVa platform. This device delivers controlled radiofrequency energy into the lining of the vagina via a small probe. Treatment is comfortable and takes only about 30 minutes. As energy is absorbed into the lining, collagen that is stored beneath the surface immediately tightens. Over time, the increase in collagen production restores optimum function in the mucosal lining of the vagina and, with that, much greater control over urine flow.

Learn more about non-surgical vaginal tightening. Call our Reno office at (775) 826-4477.

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