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Questions to Ask about Breast Augmentation

iStock 1277317804 It is not uncommon for a woman to want to improve the appearance of her breasts. Doing so can enhance her self confidence and just let her love the way she looks even more than she already does. Breast augmentation has been a leading way to improve breast shape and size for many years. It has been around so long that many prospective patients think they know everything they need to about this procedure. Here, we discuss some of the questions that are worth asking in order to prevent wishing you had known after the fact.

  1. Will Breast Implants Look Natural?

The purpose of breast augmentation is to bring more harmony and proportion to the body as a whole. There was a time decades ago when the trend was to enlarge the breasts in a way that was obvious. That has changed. Today, most people cannot tell by looking at a patient that they have had breast augmentation. This is achieved through the careful selection of breast implant type, placement, profile, and other characteristics. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dahan spends time with each patient to construct the ideal breast augmentation plan just for them. 

  1.           What is the Right Age for Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation surgery can be appropriate for women of all ages. The lower age range is more important to consider than anything else because it dictates whether a patient can receive silicone breast implant or saline only. Patients between age 18 and 22 are limited to saline implants, which have a particular look and feel. Patients aged 22 and older may choose between various silicone implants or saline models, if they prefer. On the upper end of the age spectrum, the surgeon looks primarily at health and cosmetic objectives rather than how many candles the patient has on their birthday cake. 

  1.           Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

Breast augmentation is an excellent procedure for any person who would like to like their breast shape and size more. However, this question is more related to understanding what breast implants can and cannot do. Breast augmentation alone may not be a good treatment option for a patient whose breasts are very droopy. This can be discerned by observing the position and direction of the nipples and the depth of the inframammary crease. During the consultation, Dr. Dahan discusses the benefits of combining breast augmentation with a lift if drooping is seen. 

We can  help you understand all you need to know about breast augmentation so you can make a confident, educated choice. Contact our Reno office at (775) 826-4477 to schedule your consultation.

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