Relaxation is One Key to Managing Stress, so Stop Feeling Guilty!

Most people realize that stress is an inevitable part of being human. If we didn’t grasp the certainty of this before this year, recent events have driven the point home loud and clear. But we don’t want to look at stressful times in a doom-and-gloom sense. Every person has the capacity to travel through uncertainty with grace and ease. Here, we discuss a few suggestions, one of which may sound counterintuitive or even selfish: relaxation. Because of its air of controversy, we’re going to start with that.

Why we Need to Relax

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax” ~ Mark Black

The author of Live Life from the Heart, Mark Black is someone who has overcome tremendous physical and mental obstacles in his life, being the first person to complete a marathon with a heart that was not his own. He didn’t just do that, though. He finished the marathon after receiving a complicated heart and lung transplant operation. We’re not here to discuss these achievements, though. We mention Mark’s quote because it eludes to the immense value of relaxation even in difficult times.

Relaxation is something that we’ve come to perceive as a luxury. We “get to” relax over the weekend after a long week. We relax only when we’ve earned it. The thing is, relaxation is paramount to stress management. When we’re stressed (and who isn’t?), the body releases chemicals like cortisol. Breathing is shallow and muscles are tighter than they could be. Relaxation helps blood flow through the body more efficiently. This can improve decision-making, concentration, and positive thinking. Tension is relieved when we focus on relaxation, and the digestive process improves so essential nutrients needed for immunity and health are better absorbed.

Finding the Silver Lining

We’ve all heard that we should develop an “attitude of gratitude.” In fact, studies show that taking time to notice things we’re thankful for promotes more positive emotions, greater vitality, better sleep, and even a stronger immune system. Gratitude is something we can conjure at any time without much effort at all, although research suggests that the more we engage in the feeling of gratitude, rather than just listing off a few things we’re thankful for, the more uplifted we are. A gratitude practice doesn’t have to look any certain way. We can do it by noticing the sky, by complimenting a friend, by writing in a journal, and by showing ourselves love and compassion.

The services that we provide in our Reno office have been developed to help people feel more beautiful. We believe that by giving our patients a chance to relax and show themselves love, our services can bring more beauty into a stressed-out world.

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