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Saying Goodbye to the Sag

Cosmetic Surgery Reno NV | Breast Lift | Facelift Sagging skin is one of the most commonly reported aesthetic concerns. It can also be a challenging issue to address. When the skin sags, it isn’t only the uppermost layer of tissue that is affected. Because underlying muscle and connective tissue are also involved, there is a minimal reason to hope for improvement using only a topical cream. Even an expensive serum can only do so much because it can only affect the epidermis.

The skin sags for some reasons. It could be the process of aging, changing hormones, or it could be significant changes in weight that lead to a loss of firmness. Often, it is a combination of a few of these. The investigative work isn’t so much to discover the reason why the skin sags but to move toward the most appropriate treatment. In many cases, this means surgery.

Lifting procedures may be performed on the:

  • We are all familiar with the face lift procedure, performed to reduce lines, wrinkles, and jowls. Today’s facelifts are meticulously performed to restore the appearance of youth without overtightening. Filling out the cheeks is also a crucial aspect of the modern-day facelift.
  • This procedure is quite commonly performed on men. The neck lift may involve a brief liposuction procedure to remove fatty tissue from beneath the chin and the jowls. Skin and underlying muscle structure are then draped more tightly to achieve the desired contouring along the jaw line.
  • The upper arms are susceptible to sagging not only due to weight loss but as a natural byproduct of age. Brachioplasty is the surgical procedure that removes localized fatty deposits and excess skin to reveal more muscular contouring.
  • Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is an excellent option for women who are not necessarily interesting in enlarging their breasts, but who wish to reshape their profile by reinstating a higher breast position. Breast lift surgery addresses nuances such as areola size and contouring.

Dr. Dahan performs localized lift procedures, and also offers body contouring after weight loss for patients with widespread sagging caused by excess skin. Learn more about how to lift sagging tissue when you call our Reno office for a consultation.

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