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Think There’s a “Right Age” for Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Reno NVQuestions related to age and breast augmentation are not new. The most commonly posed question used to be “am I too young for breast implants?” Now, we’re meeting just as many women who are wondering whether or not their time for the body they have wished for has passed.

If you’ve been considering breast implants for a positive change in your physique, but that pesky little voice in your head is whispering “you’re too old for breast implants,” get another opinion – one that really counts! To discover if breast implants are the right solution to the concerns you have about your shape, talk with your trusted plastic surgeon. We would be happy to schedule a consultation visit for you in our comfortable Reno plastic surgery office, where all of your questions can be answered, including the one about age.

The Experts Speak

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has actually reported several benefits to having breast augmentation. Thirty-four percent of women in one poll stated that they felt their sex life had improved after breast augmentation. Surprisingly, women also reported feeling as though their posture had improved due to a new, more confident stance after their breast augmentation procedure. These benefits are not reserved for younger women. In fact, age is a pretty poor litmus test for a woman’s candidacy for breast augmentation.

What we look at more than a woman’s age is her overall health. A 70-year-old woman can be in prime condition for breast augmentation using this standard! According to studies, older women who undergo breast augmentation gain a boost in their level of self-esteem and general feelings of well-being.

The whole purpose of breast augmentation is to create the shape that a woman has wanted for her body. The procedure is straightforward and appropriate for many adult women who are well-informed of the details of this surgery. During the consultation visit, we discuss volume, shape, profile, implant type, and also what to expect and how to maximize the recovery from surgery.

There is no “perfect time” for anything in life; you just have to take the leap and head in the direction of your dreams. If you’ve been contemplating what your body could look like, let us give you a glimpse. Schedule your breast augmentation consultation at (775) 826-4477.

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