THIS is What Microneedling Can Do for Your Skin

DermaPen Microneedling Reno, NVYou may have heard that microneedling is one of the latest and greatest trends in aesthetic medicine at the moment. With the field of beauty evolving at an ever-rapid pace, choosing which modality you want to incorporate into your personal anti-aging routine can be overwhelming. To help you may the most informed decision about your beauty regimen, we discuss what microneedling is and what it can do for your skin.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a specific technique that is performed with the intent of invoking a healing response. It works by causing controlled, targeted microtrauma. Microneedling may also be referred to as dermal rolling. However, there are differences between the two techniques that have a significant impact on the outcome of treatment.

Dermal rolling is a microneedling technique that involves rolling a small, needle-clad drum across the skin. Rolling creates superficial puncture wounds in the skin, which provokes a healing response that sends collagen to the area treated. While beneficial, there are limitations to traditional dermal rolling. One is that treatment must be conducted a few times a week to bring about noticeable results. Another is that rolling needles could cause damage such as tiny tears in the skin. Finally, dermal rolling can be pretty uncomfortable.

Microneedling is a technique performed in our office using a local anesthetics and mechanized applicator tip. Our automated microneedling tip contains 12 needles and depth-adjustment control that maximizes comfort, safety, and results. Before we commence with microneedling treatment, we numb the skin with a local anesthetic.

Ways that Microneedling Improves the Skin

  • Immediately smoother texture thanks to an influx of new blood cells in the treatment area.
  • Diminished scarring and pockmarks, even from acne scars. This results from the microneedles breaking up fibrosis beneath the skin.
  • Reduction in blackheads. This happens because the tiny needles that vibrate across the skin literally knock debris out of enlarged pores. Because pore size reduces for up to 4 weeks after microneedling, fewer blackheads may develop during that time.
  • Reduces early signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to form when the skin loses the support it has always received from healthy collagen. This protein, as well as elastin, are vital to wrinkle-control. With microneedling treatment, especially treatment that includes platelet-rich plasma, collagen production is encouraged to continue as needed for adequate subdermal structure.
  • Improves overall skin resiliency. Studies have indicated that microneedling inhibits the expression of matrix metalloproteinases, enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of collagen and discourage new collagen formation.

See how microneedling can help you get and keep great skin. Contact us to schedule your treatment in our Reno office at  (775) 826-4477.

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