What Lip Fillers Can Do for You

Many of our patients like the general shape of their lips but wish they had a little more volume. Still, there are others for whom the lips never fully gained the shape they’d like. Their lips are thin or lack fullness and definition, which means they lack the “wow” factor that makes the mouth stand out as a central feature on the face. In either situation, dermal fillers can be used to beautifully enhance the lips. Lip augmentation, also called lip enhancement, has become a popular treatment in recent years and also one that can be easily misunderstood. Here, we discuss the details of lip injections to help avoid misconceptions.

How Dermal Fillers Create Lovelier Lips

When the lips are nicely shaped but could use some plumping, dermal fillers may be inserted into the fatty portion of the lip or along the border where the red skin of the lip meets facial skin. The application of filler makes all the difference in the outcome of treatment. The same fillers may be used to achieve different goals, but some treatments change the fundamental shape of the upper or lower lip. When dermal fillers are injected to enhance fullness and definition, results can last up to nine months. For patients who are new to lip augmentation, this is an ideal approach.

Another technique for lip augmentation that has recently been developed is to enhance fullness using fat cells. This is referred to as fat transfer or, simply, fat injections. This treatment process takes slightly longer because we must extract fat cells from an area of the body. Common donation sites include the abdomen or outer thigh. After obtaining fat through a small syringe, the team spins the fluid to separate pure fat cells from other fluids. The fat cells are carefully administered into the appropriate areas of the lip to increase volume naturally. While some of the fat that is injected will not survive, the cells that do integrate into the lips can last indefinitely.

Is Lip Enhancement Right for You?

Come visit our Reno office if you are interested in correcting any one of the following common complaints:

  • Thin or deflated lips
  • The top lip or both lips disappear when you smile
  • The lips are asymmetrical
  • Vertical lip lines
  • Poorly-defined lip shape

We can help you bring your facial features into proportion. To schedule your visit, call (775) 826-4477.

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