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What You Don’t Want to Do After Your Facelift

If you’ve chosen to undergo a facelift to correct the signs of aging, it’s safe to assume that you want to look your very best. This surgery, which lifts the lower region of the face, can increase your confidence, self-esteem, and even your energy as you go about your life looking and feeling younger. Facelift surgery is only the first step in achieving these and other benefits. It’s what you want to do. After your facelift, though, there are a few things you don’t want to do. We’ll list them here.

Don’t Be a Super Hero

As beneficial as facelift surgery can be for any person who has sagging and looseness in their cheeks and jawline, a large number of patients are women. Historically, women have been known for taking care of others before themselves. This habit may continue at some point but will need to be avoided during the recovery period after facelift surgery. After any surgery, the body needs to spend all of its energy on healing. This can create fatigue. After surgery, you can also expect to feel sore or tender. You will be prescribed pain medication to manage your comfort and are advised not to “tough it out” to see how well you tolerate postoperative pain. Doing so only puts more stress on your healing body. Don’t be a hero after your facelift. Take the time that is necessary to recover well.

Don’t Be a Beauty Queen

Understandably, you want to feel amazing even during your facelift recovery. To achieve this, we recommend scheduling your other beauty treatments, such as getting your hair done, before your surgery. After a facelift, you’ll have to wait a few days to shower and wash your hair. You will not be able to wear makeup or do much with your hair because these habits create a risk of infection. Minimizing beauty habits for a few days is a small price to pay for a complication-free facelift recovery.

Don’t Rush into Exercise

If we were to give surgical recovery a theme, it would be rest. Patients typically know this, but forget quickly once they are home after their procedure. You may be ready to get back to your routine within a couple of days because rest often feels like “loafing.” It isn’t. If you’ve had a facelift, you do not want to increase your heart rate by doing strenuous activities. This increases the chances of swelling and could increase the risk of bleeding and other complications. Dr. Dahan will discuss when you can resume regular activities and exercise during your follow-up visit.

Don’t Be a Foodie

When we’re not feeling our best, we often have a strong desire for comfort foods or foods that feel luxurious. After a facelift, though, it is beneficial to avoid foods that require you to chew quite a lot. That steak may sound delectable but could leave you feeling sorer due to the chewing needed to break it down. In addition to avoiding foods that necessitate too much chewing, it is beneficial to avoid salty and sweet processed foods. Salt can cause water retention and swelling. High-sugar foods can make it harder for the body to heal optimally. Fresh fruits, yogurt, and tea sweetened with honey may provide both nutritional boost and the emotional boost you’re truly craving.

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