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Why are Younger Patients Having Facelift Surgery?

istock 1167192880 Facial aging has long been a concern of the older patient demographic. Our grandmothers may have had facelift surgery when they reached their mid-fifties or sixties, or even later. Our mothers and fathers may have followed along this same path if they had surgery at all. More recently, men and women have addressed the signs of aging without undergoing plastic surgery; at least that is the perception.

From early in the 21st century, injectables have had a great deal of appeal for adults of all ages. Frown lines? Get Botox! Jowls? Address the loss of mid-face volume using dermal fillers! All it takes is a few injections here and there to rejuvenate the face. In most cases, this may be an accurate assumption. However, it is not applicable across the board. As beneficial as injectables can be, there are still reasons to seek a facelift.

Interest in facelift surgery has not diminished much since the development of injectable wrinkle-reducers. Doctors are seeing patients of a younger age-category than they used to. Here, we discuss two prominent reasons this may be.

Rather than waiting for the signs of aging to become a frustrating problem that cannot go unnoticed, more and more adults are seeking facelift surgery sometime during their forties. Why?

  1. More natural-looking results.

A facelift can be beneficial even after the signs of aging have become prominent. However, it can be beneficial to have a facelift just when the creases around the nose and mouth are deepening, and just when jowls become visible at the jawline on each side of the face. The facelift performed earlier doesn’t have to reposition tissue quite so dramatically. The conservative nature of the earlier facelift then leads to results that appear to have occurred naturally, without surgery. And, because the skin and connective tissue may have more elasticity at that time, results can last longer.

  1. A second-wind for the professional image.

People are often at the peak of their professional careers between the ages of 45 and 55. However, it is also then when a professional may feel the need to prove themselves amidst a sea of younger job candidates and colleagues. Employers have reported across numerous surveys that they are drawn to faces that look friendlier and more motivated to work hard. What creates such impressions? Youthfulness.

A facelift is not only about looking younger. It’s about feeling your best. To learn more about this procedure, contact our Reno office at (775) 826-4477.

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