When flabby upper arms persist despite your best efforts to lose weight, exercise and lift weights, brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, performed by Reno cosmetic surgeon Dr. Phillip E. Dahan may help you achieve a slimmer, more toned appearance.*

Who Should Get an Arm Lift?

An arm lift can benefit women and men of any age who have loose, hanging skin and subcutaneous fat in the upper arm area. It is most commonly performed on patients who have experienced significant weight loss and are left with stretched, loose arm skin resulting in a bat wing look. Occasionally, older lean patients with thin loose skin will also benefit from arm lift surgery.

arm lift before and after | arm lift reno
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In most cases, Dr. Dahan will make a well hidden incision on the underside of the arms from the armpit to the elbow. In less severe cases, the incision may be shorter. Excess skin and fat is removed allowing him to sculpt the underlying tissues resulting in shapelier upper arms with better defined muscle contours. Dr. Dahan very meticulously reapproximates the incision with a new type of suture significantly improving the outcome of the scar. The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient. The arms are dressed with compression Ace wraps and Dr. Dahan rarely requires drain placement during arm lift surgery.

arm lift before and after | arm lift reno

After Arm Lift Surgery: What Should I Expect?

There is minimal discomfort associated with this operation. Dr. Dahan recommends elevation of the hands when sleeping and sitting for the first couple of weeks. Compression sleeves should be worn to minimize swelling during the first few weeks of the recovery period and Dr. Dahan’s brachioplasty postoperative instructions should be closely followed. Most patients return to sedentary work or school within the first week after surgery and may begin exercising and lifting at approximately 3 weeks postop. Over the next several weeks to months, scars will fade and should be protected from the sun to prevent darkening.*

Related Procedures and Arm Lift Alternatives

Surgical skin tightening is the only effective way to address excess skin in the upper arms. Although some nonsurgical treatments may help tighten mildly sagging skin, there are no arm lift alternatives that can address any significant amount of loose, hanging skin.

It is common for patients who desire and arm lift to see liposuction to further improve upper arm contours by reducing excess fat deposits in the arm area in addition to addressing excess skin. Lipotherme™ laser liposculpture is a good alternative to arm lift surgery in patients with mild to moderate sagging arm skin with subcutaneous fat. Arm lift patients may also benefit from the other procedures that address excess skin elsewhere on the body, including tummy tuck, and/or body sculpting. This is typically due to the fact that excess skin in the arms is often caused by significant weight loss, which can leave loose, stretched skin all over the body.

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*Individual Results May Vary