BOTOX® for cosmetic applications has used successfully in the field on cosmetic enhancement and facial rejuvenation.

BOTOX® can shave years from your face in a procedure that takes a matter of minutes. Unlike cosmetic surgery.

BOTOX® is safe and virtually non-invasive.

BOTOX® is at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of non-surgical aesthetic enhancements.

BOTOX® Applications:

  • Softening frown lines, glabeller wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Lifting the brow and opening the eyes
  • Smoothing the bags underneath the eyes
  • Relaxing drooping cords in the neck (turkey neck)

BOTOX® has also been used for the treatment of Migraine Headaches. Patients have described great relief from their migraines after receiving BOTOX® injections.

BOTOX® results are described as giving one a relaxed and youthful appearance. The results last approximately 3-4 months, but with reapplication the results begin to last longer.

For more information about BOTOX®, please contact Dr. Dahan’s Office at (775) 826-4477.

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