Tummy Tuck Surgery Reno NV

Tummy Tuck Scars: What You Should Know

We often get questions about what to expect from a tummy tuck. Patients are understandably apprehensive about their recovery and post-surgical care. One area of interest, tummy tuck scars, may get overlooked during the initial consultation. The more that patients know about their recovery from their tummy tuck, including scarring, the better prepared they are […]

Breast Augmentation and the Influence of Age

A sense of dissatisfaction with one’s breasts can occur at any life stage. Younger women sometimes feel that their natural breast size is not complementary to their overall body shape. Older women (or younger women who have breastfed) may feel unhappy with the way that life has altered the shape and size of their breasts. […]

Is It Time for Eyelid Surgery?

When the eyelids become saggy and heavy-looking, the face can look tired and angry. This type of appearance can also be caused by dark circles or bags under the eyes. If you have noticed these problems around your eyes, you may have bought more serums and creams than you can count. You may now be […]

Botox Isn’t Just for Your Face

Most adults are familiar with Botox. This injectable has been used for well over a decade to reduce the signs of aging on the upper face. As tends to happen when a product or treatment has been around for a long time, and when it is well-known for a particular benefit, Botox may get sold […]

The Saline Vs. Silicone Question

As long as breast implants have had the option of saline or silicone, patients have pondered the question: “which type of breast implant is right for me?” The truth is that some people are better served by saline implant devices and, in other situations, silicone is best. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of […]


Make This the Year of Great Skin

Skincare has changed significantly over time as we have learned more about what makes the skin look youthful. No longer do aging individuals rely on the pink cream they saw on their grandmothers’ bathroom sinks. Today, we are doing a lot more to offset the effects of aging. We’re much more savvy about how to […]

Want More Oomph in your New Year? Get Your Hormones in Check!

Hormonal changes are bound to happen to each of us at some point. By the time we notice what has happened, chances are we’re struggling with quite a few symptoms. Historically, menopausal hormonal changes were treated with hormone replacement therapy using synthetic substances. Men hardly talked about their andropause concerns; most didn’t even realize men […]

Exercise vs. Tummy Tuck: Why There’s No Comparison

A woman’s body is likely to change over and over again throughout her lifetime. Multiple factors may influence this. A woman may gain or lose weight when she takes birth control pills. She will change shape significantly (and beautifully) during pregnancy and while she’s nursing. Lifestyle habits, stress, and hormones are additional factors involved in […]

How to Look More Energized This Holiday Season

When a person feels energized and is lit up about life, it shows in their face. You may be able to imagine a person like this. Maybe that person used to be you. You may still feel fired-up inside, but age may have diminished how your appearance reflects this. When we hear from patients that […]

Top off Your Shape with an Arm Lift

Of the various plastic surgery procedures that are available, the arm lift may be overlooked amidst other techniques that improve body contours and proportions. However, we frequently meet with people who have had a difficult time getting the backs of their arms into the best shape, often due to the signs of aging or effects […]

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