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The facelift is a plastic surgery procedure performed by Reno Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dahan that works to correct or reduce the signs of aging. As we age, the ligaments which hold up our facial soft tissues begin to lose support. This results in sagging, folds, creases, and jowls. Aging and sun damage also lead to facial skin changes such as wrinkles and laxity. The procedure targets excess fat in the face and neck, loose muscle and skin, deep nasolabial folds, perioral creases, jowls, and the platysma neck bands

RefreshLift™ is a modified facelift (not a mini-facelift) and is Dr. Dahan’s signature alternative to the conventional facelift performed in Reno NV. He employs proven advanced suturing techniques designed to refresh your appearance with minimal downtime, discomfort or risk. RefreshLift™ is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that elegantly lifts and tightens the loose skin, fat, and muscle of the face and neck, refreshing your appearance and instantly restoring your natural beauty.


Most people say the eyes are what they notice first when meeting a new person. Unfortunately, our eyes can also be telling that person we are much older than our actual age. That’s because the skin on and around the eyes is some of the thinnest on the entire human body, and it is constantly exposed to the elements. The natural slackening of our skin and support tissues with age doesn’t help. Eyelid surgery with Dr. Phillip Dahan can give you back younger-looking eyes. This is a subtle procedure that delivers very satisfying results.

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The brow can show visible signs of aging, such as the descent of the brows, loss of brow arch, brow asymmetry and sagging upper eyelid skin. The forehead tends to develop wrinkles and sagging skin. Often such signs of aging can be lessened through non-surgical means such as laser resurfacing, peels, fat transfers, dermal fillers or botox injections. However, in some cases, a brow lift is the best option.

Dr. Dahan did my facelift and brow lift last year and I love the results. Natural looking, nobody could figure out what I did, just kept hearing I look great! What more could you ask for?

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If you are like many other people and have concerns about the appearance of your nose and would like to change the shape, size, or angle rhinoplasty, with board-certified plastic surgeon Phillip Dahan MD FACS, is the perfect solution for you. Rhinoplasty procedures are often desired by individuals who wish to improve the appearance or functionality of their nose.

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As we age, we lose volume in our face. The crease between the cheek and lip (the nasolabial fold), the junction of the lower eyelid and cheek (the nasojugal fold, or “tear trough”), and the progression of the jowl to the chin (the marionette line), all tend to become accentuated by shadow as we age. Elsewhere on the face, full cheeks may lose their prominence, and lips may seem to thin and wrinkle. Restoring volume to smooth these transition zones is a wonderful solution that minimizes the effects of age. We can harvest fat cells as fat grafts from your own body and injected to smooth wrinkles and other areas in need of volume.

Chin augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the US. While it may not seem like a desirable procedure compared to facelift, brow lift, or breast augmentation surgery, the chin actually has a major effect on how the face appears. Here at Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Phillip E. Dahan offers chin enhancement surgery to improve the appearance and confidence of his Reno, NV area patients.

Many people are born with or develop protruding, large or uneven ears. Children and even adults are teased and embarrassed about their ear deformities. These people benefit from otoplasty surgery. Dr. Dahan has extensive experience with otoplasty surgery on children and adults and has performed hundreds. Dr. Dahan has performed numerous revisions on patients who have had otoplasty surgery by other plastic surgeons. Dr. Dahan reshapes the ears giving them a more normal and natural contour as well as folding them back closer to the patient’s head. Dr. Dahan’s patients exhibit a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem after otoplasty surgery

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