Otoplasty – Ear Pinning

Ear Pinning or Otoplasty

Many people are born with or develop protruding, large or uneven ears. Children and even adults are teased and embarrassed about their ear deformities. They commonly wear their hair long to cover their ears and avoid situations where their ears may be exposed. These people benefit from otoplasty surgery. Dr. Dahan has extensive experience with otoplasty surgery on children and adults and has performed hundreds. Dr. Dahan has performed numerous revisions on patients who have had otoplasty surgery by other plastic surgeons. Most children require general anesthesia for the procedure, however most teenagers and adults may undergo otoplasty surgery in Dr. Dahan’s office under local anesthesia. Dr. Dahan reshapes the ears giving them a more normal and natural contour as well as folding them back closer to the patient’s head.* Dr. Dahan’s patients exhibit a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem after otoplasty surgery.* Dr. Dahan is always touched when he sees his female patients wearing their hair up and male patients wearing their hair short proudly exposing their ears which they would rarely do prior to otoplasty surgery.

Who Should Get Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty is commonly performed on children ages 5 and up with fully developed ears, teenagers and even adults. The majority are people with bilateral (both) ear deformities, however some people only require otoplasty surgery on one ear. Those who are candidates to undergo otoplasty surgery wish to correct the following deformities:

  • Protruding ears
  • Large ears
  • Asymmetrical (uneven) ears
  • Irregular shaped ears
  • Ears that are out of proportion


Otoplasty surgery on children is performed in an outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia and takes approximately 60-90 minutes. Most teenagers and adults may undergo otoplasty surgery in Dr. Dahan’s office under local anesthesia and also takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

Dr. Dahan makes an incision on the back of the ear where excess skin is removed. The cartilage is then sculpted and in some cases a small amount is removed. With strategically placed permanent sutures, the ear cartilage is then reshaped and folded so that the ears appear closer to the head, in proportion with each other and with the head. The incision is then closed with sutures resulting in minimal scar. The ears are dressed with non adherent gauze and placed in a snug wrap to protect and maintain their position and for comfort. There is minimal pain after surgery since long acting local anesthesia is injected during the operation. Pain medication and antibiotics offer the patient a comfortable recovery with very minimal risk of infection or complications.

What Should I Expect After Otoplasty Surgery?

Your ears will be wrapped in a headband type of dressing after surgery to promote optimal healing, protect and maintain their new position and shape. After a few days, the dressing may be removed to allow you to shower and then replaced for a lighter dressing per Dr. Dahan’s instructions. Most children and teenagers will be able to return to school approximately 5 days after surgery. Most adults may return to work approximately 5 days after surgery as well. You will wear a comfortable headband while sleeping for another week to further protect and maintain the new ear shape and position. You may return to normal activities and exercise as well as non contact sports approximately 3-4 weeks after surgery and contact sports approximately 2 months after surgery. Otoplasty surgery should last a lifetime, however some patients may require some minor adjustments over time.*

For more information about Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) surgery in Reno, Nevada, please contact Dr. Dahan’s office at (775) 826-4477.

*Individual Results May Vary

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