For a woman, the breasts can be tied directly to self-esteem and confidence in your figure. Whether you’ve always felt your breasts were out of proportion with the rest of your figure. Whether your breasts are asymmetrical. Whether you’ve lost volume from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Or whether you simply would like to have larger breasts.These kinds of perceptions can really affect your body image, and breast augmentation with Dr. Dahan could be a great option to change that image.

The decision to have augmentation needs to be yours and yours alone, not for a partner, not for a friend, just for you. Once you’ve made the decision to have augmentation there are a variety of other decisions you’ll make heading into the surgery. Dr. Dahan and our entire team at Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will help you with each of these decisions so that you’re ultimately satisfied with your choices.

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, is one of Dr. Phillip Dahan’s most popular surgical procedures performed at his office in Reno. With breast augmentation, implants are inserted surgically to either increase the size of the breasts, to add shape to breasts that may have flattened with age, or to increase volume particularly higher in the breasts. With this procedure, you’ll choose where the incisions are made, the type of implants, the size of those implants, and numerous other decisions.

Dr. Phillip Dahan has performed over a thousand breast implant procedures on patients from all over the world.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

This may seem obvious, but there’s more to augmenting your breasts than simply making them bigger. If you’ve never been satisfied with the size or shape of your breasts, you’re reminded of this every day when you get out of the shower. Breast augmentation can make you feel good about your figure. It can make you feel that everything about your body is finally in proportion. It can make you feel more confident when dressing for a dinner engagement or when buying a new bathing suit. Augmentation can totally change the way you feel about your figure and, to a degree, your entire body image. Simply put, breast augmentation can provide:

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  • Improved breast size, shape, projection and symmetry
  • More feminine appearance
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Balanced body proportion
  • Improved clothing fit and options

Breast Augmentation Candidates

The question of whether augmentation is right for you is completely personal. If you’ve never been happy with the size or shape of your breasts, augmentation can change that. If your breasts are uneven, augmentation can correct that. Or if you’d simply like to have larger breasts, this surgery will accomplish that. But the decision has to be 100 percent for you. This has to be something you want, not made at the behest of a husband or partner.

Also, if you have serious sagging, whether due to prior gain and loss of a good deal of weight or from repeated pregnancies, you may want to consider a breast lift along with your augmentation. This will remove excess, sagging skin prior to adding implants.

Realistic Expectations For Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation is an elective cosmetic procedure which should be done for personal reasons. Before making that choice, you should do some research to learn about the operation, implants, risks, benefits and expected outcomes. It is important that you have realistic expectations and understand that your results may change over time with aging, pregnancy, nursing and weight fluctuations.*

Before & After Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Patient Before Reno NVBreast Augmentation Patient After Reno NV

Breast Augmentation Patient Before Reno NVBreast Augmentation Patient After Reno NV
*Individual results may vary

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Types of  Breast Implants

Silicone gel

Silicone gel implants consist of a silicone outer shell filled with medical-grade silicone gel. Compared with silicone used in the 80s and 90s, today’s gel is more “cohesive” than in those days, meaning it stays together and within the shell more if the implant develops a leak. Whereas silicone gel was formerly more liquid in nature, today’s gels are more akin to Jell-O.

Most people believe silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue when compared with saline implants. An obvious disadvantage is if the implant ruptures. This can allow some of the silicone gel to leak into the breast pocket that was created to hold the implant. When this happens, the patient doesn’t usually know, as the implant retains its shape. The leak will show up on the regular mammograms necessary with silicone implants. The ruptured implant and any leaked gel will need to be removed and the implant replaced.


Saline implants consist of a silicone outer shell filled with sterile saline solution. Unlike silicone implants, which are filled at the factory, saline implants are placed into the breast pocket empty and are then filled in place. This allows these implants to be placed through smaller incisions. It also allows some flexibility with size.

If a saline implant ruptures, the body simply absorbs the salt water. But when this happens the implant will fully deflate, leaving the patient with one flattened breast. And, while the saline will be absorbed, the ruptured shell will still need to be surgically removed and replaced.

Gummy bear implants

Although technically silicone, gummy bear implants are different and deserve their own description. Gummy bear implants are made with “highly cohesive” silicone gel, think of the consistency of a gummy bear. This gel is much thicker than the gel used in other silicone implants. If a gummy bear implant is cut in half, the gel will remain within the shell and not leak out.

Gummy bear implants are also created in a teardrop shape, which is closer to the shape of the natural breast.

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How do I Choose The Size of my Breast Implants?

Some women assume implants are sized similar to bra cup sizes. They are not. Implants are sized based on the amount of material filling the implant. This is measured in cubic centimeters. For instance, an implant may be 300 ccs. Dr. Dahan has an implant sizing system that allows you to very accurately visualize how different implant sizes will look on your figure.

Dr. Dahan will also examine your breasts to accurately determine the size, consistency and skin quality of the breasts making sure that you don’t have any concerning masses or lesions. It is recommended that patients 40 years of age and older have a mammogram within one year prior to surgery.

What is Projection or Profile?

You’ll also decide how much you want your implants to project. Higher profile implants hold more of the mass of the implant higher on the chest, so they have smaller bases. Again, Dr. Dahan will help you see what different profiles will look like on your figure.

Breast Implant Placement

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Submuscular Subglandular

Dr. Dahan recommends that both silicone and saline breast implants be placed in the partial submuscular position (dual plane technique).

This has been demonstrated to offer the best results.* These patients experience fewer irregularities such as rippling, unnatural implant shape, capsular contracture (hardening) and less sagging. Some patients, however, may be good candidates for placement of the implants above the muscle and under the breast tissue or subglandular.

Breast Implant Incisions

You will choose where you want Dr. Dahan to make the incisions to place your implants. He places implants through three incision locations: periareolar, inframammary, or transaxillary.

  • Periareolar incisions — These incisions are made just outside the dark skin of the areola on the lower side. These incisions become almost invisible after healing. The implants can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle, although Dr. Dahan recommends placing it below the muscle to limit the possibility of infection and lower the risk of capsular contracture. This incision type can limit the size of silicone implants.

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  • Inframammary crease incisions — This incision is made just above the crease on the underside of the breast. This allows it to usually be hidden beneath a bra or bikini top. However, this incision makes far and away the largest scar. In most cases, implants placed through this incision are placed atop the pectoral muscle; placement beneath the muscle dictates cutting the muscle. This incision can handle any size of implant.

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  • Transaxillary incisions — These are made with a vertical incision in the armpit. Dr. Dahan may use an endoscope for better viewing of the breast pocket with this incision. This incision leaves no scarring on the breasts, and the line in the armpit will become virtually invisible with time. Implants can easily be placed behind the chest muscle without any cutting. Plus, nipple sensation and later breastfeeding is unaffected by placement through transaxillary incisions. Recovery can be a little harder with this incision.

Breast Implants Reno NV | Breast Augmentation Sparks

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Augmentation is performed as outpatient surgery with the patient under general anesthesia. The surgery takes from 45 minutes to one hour. Dr. Dahan will generally make a one-inch incision for placement of saline breast implants, and a 1.5-2-inch incision for silicone implants. This difference is because saline implants are filled after placement, while silicone implants are placed already filled.

Dr. Dahan has extensive experience placing all sizes of silicone breast implants through the periareolar incision. The submuscular or subglandular pocket is made with care to avoid injuring the nipple and the milk ducts.

Dr. Dahan sits the patient up during surgery to ensure the best symmetry and position of the implants. He is meticulous and checks the implanted breasts from every angle prior to closing the incisions with tiny sutures that minimize scarring.

Breast Augmentation Testimonial

I am one week post op from a breast augmentation and am already very very happy with his work. I was going for more natural and elegant look. He gave me EXACTLY what I asked for and went above and beyond surgically to make sure that they turned out perfect (many other doctors may have not pointed out the need for it or wouldn’t have taken it into consideration which may have caused me problems in the future requiring extra work). I could not have asked for more from him. Dr. Dahan is very personable and compassionate. I highly recommend him! *

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Will I Need to Have my Implants Replaced?

Unfortunately, breast implants have a lifespan. At some point the implants will need to be replaced. Manufacturers warranty their implants for 10 years, and will reimburse patients for failure prior to that timeframe. But the lifespan of your breast implants is quite variable. Most women should expect to have to replace their implants every 10 years or so, although they can last longer. Implant durability is increasing. Still, you should not expect that you will have only one set of implants during your life.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Dahan is not that difficult.

You’ll return home a couple hours after your surgery. You’ll have bandages on your breasts and will be wearing a surgical bra for support. You’ll need pain medication for 2-4 days, but the pain isn’t overwhelming. You’ll return to our offices one day after surgery, and Dr. Dahan will remove your dressing. At this point, he will demonstrate breast massage techniques that will relax the muscle and help the implants settle into their breast pockets. This type of postoperative massage has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of capsular contracture (where scar tissue contracts and hardens around the implant) and decrease discomfort.

Most patients can return to work approximately 3-5 days after surgery. Your sutures will be removed after one week. You’ll wear a support bra 24 hours a day for one month after your surgery so as not to place any stress on your incisions. Normal activities can resume in 1-2 weeks, but any impact exercise will need to wait for one month. Upper body exercise, such as lifting weights, will need to wait for six weeks.

Will my Breasts Look Natural After Augmentation?

Implanted breasts look completely natural, especially with the minimal scarring that occurs with the periareolar or transaxillary incision locations. The size of implants you choose will dictate how natural or “showy” your augmented breasts will be.

Steps to Ensure a Full Recovery

Beyond the initial recovery period, there are steps you should follow to ensure the best outcome. Dr. Dahan recommends daily gentle massage of the breast implants to maintain excellent suppleness and symmetry. You should also perform monthly breast self-examinations and annual mammograms (40 years of age and older). Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dahan if you think there may be damage or experience an event where you suspect that your breast implants may be damaged, leaking or ruptured. Currently, MRI is the most specific and sensitive radiologic study available to determine the integrity of your implants.

Contact Dr. Dahan if you are concerned about infection or changes in the breast skin and/or nipple. We recommend you take Antibiotic prophylaxis if you are undergoing dental cleaning or procedures within the first year after breast augmentation surgery. You should seek medical attention if you develop any type of bacterial infection as there is a chance that your implants may become infected. Over 99% of Dr. Dahan’s breast augmentation patients experience normal nipple sensation and supple breast implants without capsular contracture with either silicone or saline implants. Dr. Dahan has never had a cosmetic breast implant infection in any of his patients.

Risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Beyond the general risks associated with any surgery, there are some risks specific to breast augmentation. These include:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Implant shifting
  • Changes in nipple sensation
  • Impaired ability to breastfeed
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Visible rippling of the implant

Dr. Dahan will discuss all of the possible risks involved with breast augmentation during your consultation.

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For more information about breast augmentation surgery in Reno, Nevada, please contact Dr. Dahan’s office. Too see if you are a good candidate, schedule a consultation by calling us at (775) 826-4477. Our practice serves Reno, Sparks, and surrounding areas.

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