Plastic Surgery Recovery

Essentials to Have at Home after Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Recovery Having plastic surgery can be an exciting endeavor. However, it can also be somewhat stressful. Dr. Dahan and our team handle the surgical aspects of your rejuvenation or body-enhancing procedure. Recovery, however, is on you. Fortunately, you’re not completely on your own. We are here to answer questions and also to provide tips to help your process feel more pleasant. Here, we discuss some of the essentials you will want to collect before your surgery day arrives.


We mention help first because this is the one area in which many of our patients struggle. Many of us have learned that doing it is just the way it should be. This is untrue but can be a difficult idea to overcome, even after plastic surgery. So, first, wrap your mind around the concept of accepting help. Then, arrange help from a friend or loved one – or many. Allow someone else to do the cooking, the dog-walking, the laundry, and the cleaning for a few days. It’s essential.

Comfortable Clothing

We get it. After the year we’ve just had, the novelty of working in your PJs has lost its appeal. Still, after having plastic surgery, loose clothing will be what is most comfortable. The easier items are to put on and take off, the better, especially after breast procedures and a tummy tuck. 

Over-the-Counter Comforts

After plastic surgery, you’ll be taking prescription pain medication. This can cause constipation. Why be any more uncomfortable than you must be? Many people assume that they will need a stool softener to counteract the effects of their prescription. This isn’t always true. Instead, try a fiber powder that can be added to water or another drink. Magnesium Citrate is also known to help resolve constipation and may be an excellent option for managing this side effect after surgery.

Ice Packs

Applying ice is a good method of soothing inflammation and reducing discomfort. Ice packs should be prepared in the freezer ahead of time so they are ready for use when you return home to begin your recovery process. Ice should never be applied directly to the skin. Place a thin sheet of fabric, like a t-shirt, against the skin first.

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