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When Can I Exercise After My Tummy Tuck?

Once the decision to have plastic surgery has been made, it is only natural to begin imagining how life will feel after the procedure. If you’re scheduled for a tummy tuck consultation or surgery, you may already be thinking about all the clothes you’ll wear and all of the ways you’ll be more engaged in […]

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Tummy Tuck Scars: What You Should Know

We often get questions about what to expect from a tummy tuck. Patients are understandably apprehensive about their recovery and post-surgical care. One area of interest, tummy tuck scars, may get overlooked during the initial consultation. The more that patients know about their recovery from their tummy tuck, including scarring, the better prepared they are […]

Exercise vs. Tummy Tuck: Why There’s No Comparison

A woman’s body is likely to change over and over again throughout her lifetime. Multiple factors may influence this. A woman may gain or lose weight when she takes birth control pills. She will change shape significantly (and beautifully) during pregnancy and while she’s nursing. Lifestyle habits, stress, and hormones are additional factors involved in […]

Will My Tummy Tuck Last?

Deciding to have a tummy tuck takes significant consideration. The preparation and investment that goes into this surgery and its recovery need to produce real and lasting results to be worth it, right? One of the biggest questions that we hear from patients considering tummy tuck surgery is whether their results will last indefinitely. Patients […]

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Your Abdominoplasty Journey Explained

To have a body makeover means something different to every person we meet. In many cases, though, the abdominal area is a primary area of focus. Almost every adult who has reached their thirties expresses a desire to have a tighter midsection. The abdomen is an especially vulnerable area for women due to the stretching […]

Abdominoplasty: Looking Toward Recovery

Many men and women turn to abdominoplasty as the answer to the frustrating problem of laxity around the mid-section. Loose soft tissue and muscle tissue may originate with pregnancy or weight loss, or may be yet one more consequence of aging. Whatever the cause, this problem can lead to one trying to hide their body […]

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