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Mommy Makeover

Your Mommy Makeover Timeline

Thousands of women undergo mommy makeover treatments each year. This group of procedures that are tailored to each patient’s needs addresses the common issues that occur after pregnancy and breastfeeding. You may know them well; the stubborn belly bulge and sagging skin across the stomach, deflated breasts and persistent fat in areas such as the […]

Plastic Surgery Procedures Reno NV

The Role of Age in Cosmetic Surgery

Age is just a number. We have come closer to genuinely believing this idea in recent years but still turn to the pros for help when age starts to get the better of us. In the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, age is just a number. However, it is an important one. While we don’t […]

Smoking and Plastic Surgery | Reno NV

Smoking and Plastic Surgery: Details you May Not Know

Most people who are in the planning stages of a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure have heard more than you would think necessary for giving up cigarettes. However, the question regarding smoking has picked up steam in recent years, largely due to the increased use of “vaping,” and even marijuana use. Because the topic of smoking […]

Cosmetic Surgery: It’s Timeless, not Trendy

Trends. They drive just about everything; from the clothing, we wear from season to season to the cars we drive. You may not realize it, but trends are also a driving force behind the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that men and women seek. An example of a trendy cosmetic procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift. […]

Science Points to Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

When someone you know undergoes cosmetic surgery, you may notice that they look refreshed after their recovery; maybe they have more bounce in their step. This has everything to do with the way their desired change in their face or body makes them feel. According to research, a person’s daily life as a whole can […]

Two Types of Aging and What you can do about them

Oh, the Beauty of Youth! In our youth, long before we treasure our natural assets, our skin is firm and supple. The outermost layer of tissue at the surface, the epidermis, is protective of deeper tissues, inhibiting damage from environmental sources. Young, healthy skin is smooth and evenly toned, with no spots or pigmentation issues. […]

Interesting Plastic Surgery Myths that Need to be Busted

Google has made life incredibly easy. With a few clicks, we can find inordinate amounts of information on just about anything, including cosmetic plastic surgery, where to get it for a good price, and what to expect from various different procedures. Just as easy as you can find information about procedures like breast augmentation and […]

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