The Benefits of Scrotal Lift Surgery: A Comprehensive Overview

Portrait,Of,Smiling,Mature,Man,Standing,On,White,Background. A man’s scrotum can stretch for many reasons, including injury, natural aging, and trauma. Scrotoplasty, or a scrotal lift, removes the excess skin to improve appearance and comfort. In some cases, some men might need excess subcutaneous tissue removed. The procedure reduces the size and rejuvenates the scrotum. It was originally created to help people with cancer or severe injuries to their genitals.

Candidates for a Scrotal Lift

Any man of any age with a sagging or stretched scrotum is a candidate for a scrotal lift. In some severe cases, the scrotum may be stretched so much that it is not comfortable wearing certain pants and underwear. It could even interfere with sexual intercourse. In addition to sexual problems and embarrassment, a stretched scrotum could cause hygiene concerns. As you age, the problem only gets worse. Depending on the severity of the stretching, it could even cause pain and discomfort when exercising or doing physical activities.

Some may be concerned about having a scrotal lift if they still plan on having children. The surgery should not interfere with fertility since the testicles are not operated on. They are simply repositioned.

Nonsurgical Treatment

There is a nonsurgical treatment for a sagging scrotum, but if the condition is severe, these treatments are usually not enough. You can wear supportive underwear or a jockstrap, which could slow the progression of sagging, but it doesn’t stop it.

The location of the incisions depends on each individual’s anatomy.

About Scrotal Lift Surgery

A scrotoplasty is an outpatient procedure that takes from one to two hours. It is done under general anesthesia. During the surgery, any excess skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed. The incisions are usually closed with “melting” sutures. If you have had other surgeries, such as a vasectomy, they do not usually interfere with a scrotal lift.

Where to Find Scrotal Lifts in Reno, NV

Phillip Dahan, MD, Plastic Surgery, serves Reno and the surrounding areas in Nevada. To find out more about scrotal lifts, speak with a doctor at Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. To schedule a consultation, please call 775-826-4477.

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