Is Rhinoplasty for You? Let’s Address Common Misconceptions

Rhinoplasty Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available. Rhinoplasty is used to address many cosmetic concerns and some functional ones. That being said, like with any popular cosmetic surgery, there are some misconceptions that circle around rhinoplasties. Let’s address some common misconceptions so you can know if rhinoplasty is for you.

Rhinoplasty Will Make Your Nose Small

Rhinoplasty is designed to make your nose functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is a misconception that rhinoplasty is simply reducing the size of your nose. This stereotype comes from “botched” rhinoplasties, where excessive tissue is removed by less than reputable surgeons. Instead, rhinoplasty often addresses crooked noses, bulbous tips, or mishappen bridges. In some cases, rhinoplasty corrects cosmetic problems by adding tissue instead of removing it.

It Will Leave Permanent Scars

Any surgical procedure that requires incisions will leave some form of scars. However, some rhinoplasties are actually done from inside the nose. Incisions are made from the inside, and subtle changes are performed. Any external scars are minimal and often barely visible. Their visibility will also fade with time and scar tissue care. This can be helped by avoiding smoking, avoiding alcohol consumption, and having a proper skincare routine.

It’s Only for Aesthetic Purposes

This is not true, despite this common misconception. Rhinoplasties are not always for aesthetic reasons. Instead, rhinoplasties can be performed as corrective procedures. This procedure can restore breathing, remove structural obstructions, and provide structural support to a damaged nose. This is often common to treat a birth defect or an injury. Rhinoplasties can also be performed to correct previous nose surgery that did not go correctly. This is often called revision rhinoplasty.

Is Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

Rhinoplasty is great for someone trying to enhance their nose aesthetics or correct functional issues. Thankfully, Dahan Plastic Surgery offers rhinoplasty and will help you decide if it’s right for you through a consultation. Our team is dedicated to providing you with comfortable, efficient, and effective treatment options for all of your cosmetic needs. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, then contact our staff at Dahan Plastic Surgery at 775-826-4477 today.

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