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Liposuction Reno NV | Swelling after Liposuction Many of the men and women who visit our Reno cosmetic surgery practice want to see what is possible with liposuction. This procedure has been a mainstay in cosmetic surgery for many years, and it has evolved to be gentler and more artistic throughout that time. Still, we know that there will be a bit of post-surgical swelling. It’s only natural. If you are considering liposuction to achieve your ideal shape, here are some details you will want to know.

The swelling after liposuction may take months to resolve.

This does not mean that you will look swollen or out of proportion for the duration of this healing process. Generally speaking, you probably won’t notice much after the first two weeks of your recovery. The swelling that gradually decreases after this time will be subtle and may localize more around the maturing scar.

Swelling may vary from day to day.

The amount of swelling that is present will vary based on body position and activity level. This is especially relevant for the first 8 to 12 weeks post-op. An example of this fluctuation would be the upper arms. Post-operatively, the arms may swell more in a relaxed position, whereas if you hold your arms over your head for a few minutes, the swelling will decrease. The elevation is recommended for individuals who undergo liposuction on their arms.

The thighs are another area in which fluctuation may occur, especially in response to physical activity. As you begin to walk more after liposuction of this area, you may notice slight swelling with increased activity. Like the arms, elevation can be beneficial.

Compression can help.

Regardless of the location of your liposuction procedure, you will be advised to wear comfortable compression garments for at least a few weeks. This inhibits swelling and also promotes greater comfort by supporting soft tissues that are in the process of recovery.

Go Slow

Because soft tissues take months to fully recover from surgery, it is advantageous to limit physical activity as needed. During the first month post-op, patients are encouraged to rest as much as needed and to limit activity to walking. Increasing the heart rate means increasing blood pressure, and that means possibly increasing the chance of unnecessary bleeding and bruising.

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