Science Points to Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

plastic surgery reno | cosmetic surgeon nv When someone you know undergoes cosmetic surgery, you may notice that they look refreshed after their recovery; maybe they have more bounce in their step. This has everything to do with the way their desired change in their face or body makes them feel. According to research, a person’s daily life as a whole can take a turn for the better thanks to the positive results they achieve with their elected procedure.
Scientific Data

In a study performed at Ruhr Universität at the University of Basel, researchers compared two groups of people. One group had cosmetic surgery, and participants in the other group did not. The people in the cosmetic surgery group reported a better quality of life than their counterparts. Some of their feedback included feeling:

  • More confidence
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Greater health
  • A stronger sense of attractiveness
  • More connectedness with their body

Expectations are Crucial

One of the most important aspects to garnering the full extent of benefits from cosmetic surgery is patient expectations. We spend a good amount of time discussing this with each of our patients because, regardless of the training and skill of any cosmetic plastic surgeon, there are bound to be minor inconsistencies with the predicted outcome. According to the Basel study, patients who perceived their surgery as achieving a better body, rather than correcting a flaw, were the most satisfied. Another aspect that is integral to satisfaction with the cosmetic surgery experience is follow through with post-op instructions.

Be your Own Best Advocate

We want you to be as pleased with your experience and outcome as we are. If you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, prepare yourself to be vigilant in after-care. No one transitions quickly from operating table to the boardroom. A surgical procedure carries down time. Having surgery means that you may have bruising or swelling. It means you may be slightly sore for several days, and may be taking prescription pain medication. Following the instructions provided to you will enable you to maximize your recovery time and feel satisfied with the end result of your surgery.

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