The Pros and Cons of Facial Fat Injections

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Sagging and drooping of the face is a natural component of aging. Loss of underlying fat, thinning tissue, and more contribute to a lack of volume that is otherwise associated with a youthful appearance. There are options to address these signs of aging, such as facial fat injections, which utilize your fat deposits to add volume to the face and help address concerns ranging from sagging to wrinkles.

To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of facial fat injections.

The Pros of Facial Fat Injections

A Natural Alternative To Dermal Fillers

Since the fat is harvested from your body, side effects are unlikely. Compared to dermal fillers, fat grafting provides a natural route to turning back the clock and achieving a younger appearance.

Longer Lasting

While some synthetic injectables can offer rejuvenating results for only a few months, fat injections can be permanent. Once the harvested fat is injected into the treatment site, your body creates a blood supply to that fat. This ensures longevity that is permanent or may last a few years.

Could Slim Other Areas of The Body

Due to the harvesting needs of fat grafting, fat is removed from donor sites around your body. Depending on how much fat is removed, this can provide a contouring or slimming appearance to areas.

The Cons of Facial Fat Injections

A More Intensive Procedure

Compared to dermal fillers, facial fat grafting is technically a surgery as it involves liposuction. While a dermal filler injection can provide immediate results, facial fat injections have three phases: fat harvesting, fat treating, and then fat injections.

The recovery process may also take more time than the recovery process of synthetic dermal fillers. However, typical postoperative recovery needs are minimal, involving ice for swelling and over-the-counter medication for pain management.

Restore Youth To Your Face with Facial Fat Injections in Reno, NV

Facial fat injections can help you achieve age-defying results that last. Treating wrinkles and fine lines, adding volume to lips, helping minimize the appearance of scars and more.

To learn more about how you may benefit from facial fat injections or other ways to rejuvenate your face, contact our team led by board-certified Dr. Phillip Dahan by calling 775-826-4477 to book your appointment today.

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