What Is Breast Reduction Surgery Used For?

Breast reduction surgery Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that is performed to help women achieve smaller and more proportional breasts. This surgery can provide many benefits to patients, including a boost of confidence and the ability to find clothes that fit well.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery Used For?

Women may have to undergo this procedure for a number of reasons, whether cosmetic or medical. Here are some common reasons why breast reduction surgery is performed.

Pain Caused by Heavy Breasts

Heavy breasts can cause excruciating pain. Unfortunately, there are many cases where women suffer chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulder due to carrying so much extra weight in the chest area. A breast reduction can help to remove some of the size and weight, providing much-needed relief.

Problems Exercising

Even with supportive sports bras, women with large breasts may feel extremely uncomfortable exercising, as large breasts can cause a lot of movement in the chest area. Large and heavy breasts can even lead to the development of irritation or rashes. These symptoms can be effectively reduced with breast reduction surgery, and you will be able to exercise more comfortably.

To Boost Self-Confidence

Having large breasts can lead to poor self-esteem as it can make you look much larger and heavier than you really are. Additionally, having large breasts can result in a lot of unwanted attention. A breast reduction can help to decrease the size of your breasts and direct focus away from your chest and to your face instead. It can also help you fit into certain clothing, which you may not have been able to do before.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Just like other body parts that come in pairs, there is a degree of asymmetry with breasts. A person’s breasts can each have a different position, form, volume, and size. If there is a major difference in symmetry between the two breasts, a breast reduction surgery can help fix this problem.

It is always best to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon to see if a breast reduction surgery will help you achieve your goal.

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