10 Benefits of Optimal Testosterone in Men and Women

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Reno NVTestosterone is famous for its role in making men “manly.” While masculine characteristics do happen to be closely tied to available testosterone, there are a number of functions for which this androgen, or male sex hormone, is essential. Here, we point out ten of the top benefits that men and women have to gain by supporting optimal testosterone levels.

  1. Reduced risk of hypertension combined with functional dilation of blood vessels promotes cardiovascular health.
  2. Improved erectile function for men.
  3. Improved sex drive and sexual pleasure for both men and women.
  4. Decreased risk of higher body-mass index and subsequent diabetes risk.
  5. Significant improvement in bone mass density within 12 months of optimizing testosterone with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
  6. Testosterone has a direct effect on mood. Optimizing levels can decrease feelings of depression and anxiety by supporting serotonin uptake.
  7. Testosterone plays a role in lowering overall cholesterol levels and, as a result, reducing the risk of heart disease.
  8. Women with low testosterone and sex-hormone binding globulin are at risk of carotid atherosclerosis. This risk diminishes with bioidentical hormone therapy.
  9. Testosterone replacement in men with coronary artery disease supports optimal cardiac circulation and vasodilation.
  10. Natural decrease in clotting factors in the blood may occur with testosterone replacement therapy, decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Sex Hormones are Vital to Long-Term Health and Wellness

We have been taught to observe hormones like testosterone and estrogen for their sexual and reproductive functions. There’s more to the story than that. When hormone imbalance occurs (which it can at any time), we suffer symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue and waning energy to frequent tension headaches and problems sleeping. Understanding how essential hormones are to optimal health, we encourage healthy habits like exercising at least 30 minutes a day and eating a well-balanced diet to keep weight in line with height.

Additional help may be obtained in our Reno office, where we can customize a treatment protocol that includes bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The pellets that are commonly used in hormone therapy today are made from plant matter that mimics hormones that the body produces. Therefore, the treatment that is prescribed is used more efficiently by the body without the side effects that are common with synthetic hormones.

Are you interested in feeling like yourself again? Contact our Reno office to consult with Dr. Dahan about bioidentical hormone replacement. Call us today at (775) 826-4477.

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