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Could Liposuction Cause Loose Skin?

istock 181860382 1 Liposuction is a popular body contouring procedure that gets even more popular around this time of year. Many people take a little time off for the holidays. This is also a season of socializing, and we want to look and feel our best when it begins. When excess fat is a problem, liposuction offers a path forward to a beautiful new You. As safe and effective as liposuction is at reducing unwanted fat, there are some things that you need to know if you’re considering this procedure. Namely, how it might affect your skin.

The purpose of liposuction is to sculpt the body. It is commonly performed on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flanks, and even under the chin. In addition to measuring body-mass index, a plastic surgeon will also assess skin elasticity. Removing fat does not make skin lose elasticity. However, when the skin is not as “bouncy” as it once was, fat removal could result in the appearance of looseness.

Why Does Loose Skin Occur After Liposuction?

The skin is filled out by the fatty tissue that lives beneath it. Liposuction is a procedure during which up to 5.000 mL of fat is removed at one time. This expedited fat loss can significantly reduce the volume beneath the skin, leaving it somewhat deflated. When the skin is healthy and elastic, it may retract naturally on its own. Depending on the nature of troubling fat deposits in an area, retraction could take several weeks to reach its peak. If skin quality is poor, a surgeon may recommend some type of skin-tightening

Options for Skin Tightening

Liposuction is an excellent way to eliminate unwanted fat quickly. Surgery like abdominoplasty or a thigh lift offers an effective option for getting rid of loose skin. However, there are also nonsurgical options that may be worth considering. Patients of our Reno plastic surgery office may choose to tighten skin and improve elasticity via ThermiTight. This nonsurgical treatment uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen proliferation and remodeling that improves the tone and firmness of the skin over several weeks.

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